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Three Economic Propositions to “Save the World”

I have often pondered, to make the world a better place, considering the damage we regularly receive from astonishing domestic forces, arrayed against us like weapons systems, aiming the “self-defence” inwardly, that our efforts have been taken over by automation and foreigners, what can be done? Well, here’s your answer:

1st: Everyone who has a house or apartment, who operates a tractor, who leases a car, who rents a dishwasher; let you own it. OWN IT.

2nd: We close all accounts of the “petro-dollar”, USD. All debts, foreign and domestic, are hereby forgiven.

3rd: Those who owned the properties that were given, are given a fair price for each of them, and thusly “seed” the next economy.

Another most important question, figuring within the “how”: would you benefit by this? You, personally. Here is the answer. You win. I win. Everybody wins.

Chapter Extra, more win for everyone:

Here’s the recipe for a new paradigm, with the cooperation of the Federal Government.

First, we shut down the stock market and most high-level trading. Things would get too crazy during the transition otherwise.

Step 1 – Properties: Everyone who rents an apartment or has a mortgage on a house now owns it. This can be applied to everyone who rents just about anything: businesses, farm ground, cars, appliances. Basically, if you’re the one using it, you now own it. With real estate, this can be accomplished through each county’s local government, by essentially bringing your lease to the register of deeds and having them write up a deed in your name. The clerk takes note of who the previous owner was and the appraised value.

Step 2 – Accounts: All accounts in U.S. dollars are closed. All debts are forgiven, foreign and domestic.

Step 3 – Reconciliation: We create a new currency, seed the economy, and establish market price by paying all those who gave up their apartment/house/car/etc. a fair sum. Reopen the stock market, exhale, greet the world anew.

And that’s it. The rich stay rich, and everyone else becomes debt-free home owners. No one goes to jail (as much as some may ought to). It’s all paperwork, basically. Also, everyone homeless will be given a house or apartment in Step 1. The rest of it all is details. After the transition would be a good time to institute a number of other beneficial policies, like Medicare for All, free college, ending the income tax, releasing the prison population, ending the wars, etc., that we can all have fun arguing over. All the politicians would still be here, capitalism would still be here, and our country’s laws would stay intact. In fact, the principle of “eminent domain”, that is regularly used to do things like build levees to protect flood-prone areas, makes Step 1 perfectly legal and justified at present for “the promotion of the general welfare”. This is a revolution, but not a “revolt”. The people in power benefit too. Especially the ones who own a lot of real estate, would like to conceal financial crimes, or are simply just as worried about the next economic collapse as everyone else and want a way out of this.

Everyone a debt-free home-owner, at minimum. Quality of life boost +7,700,000,000. Think about what that would do for crime, for stress levels, for overwork, for over-consumption. Think about what this would do for, really, just about any and every problem that is currently plaguing the people and the country: economic to environmental to political. Real unity for the first time in our lives, at least. A president who does this will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time. There will be world-wide celebrations.

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