"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

A New Economic – Saving the World in Three Easy Steps


May 19th, 2023

I have made a few small revisions to the full chart. If you’re just now jumping into this cutting-edge economic theory, or you’re printing off copies to share, the link or picture below is now the definitive version. (Except, of course, for a signed physical copy. Meet me in the real world for one of those!)

These revisions clarify the chart’s purpose, further explain a few salient points, and updates the whole theory and its “cascading effects” to my current thoughts on all the issues enumerated. I will leave links to the old one at the bottom of this page, for comparison’s sake.

The new PDF is here:

TGA Part I: A New Economic (Chart, May 19th, 2023)

And the JPEG is here:

Much Love!

– G





Update Again!

October 8th, 2022:

This is the largest change I have made to this, and it is very important. It was bugging me since day 1, and now, yes, it turns out that the former “Step 2” is not necessary at all, so long as another (and vastly superior) condition is followed. So I have eliminated it entirely. Therefore, I have moved “Step 3” to “Step 2” and added “Establishment” for the new “Step 3”. I have also greatly simplified “Step 1”, and made the whole sequence much more streamlined and direct. I added “We” as an active operator, rather than using the passive voice, to represent “We the People”.

I have also cleaned up the language on the front page. It now indicates much more directly what this plan does, with a little less utopic “hype”. An updated chart is coming soon, but this will do for now.

So, without further adieu, here is the best formulation we have thus far:

TGA Part I: A New Economic (Flier – Side A, October 8th, 2022)

TGA Part I: A New Economic (Flier – Side B, October 8th, 2022)




Update – September 30th, 2022: The most recent version of the flier may be found here:

TGA Part I: A New Economic (Flier – Side A, September 30th, 2022)

TGA Part I: A New Economic (Flier – Side B, September 30th, 2022)

The most recent version of the chart may be found here:

TGA Part I: A New Economic (Chart, September 30th, 2022)



[The following essay, and the particular language of the Steps, is from late July 2019, or thereabouts. I leave it, more or less, in its entirety. For the updated version of the basic plan (in some cases, vitally important points, particularly Step 2), please see the above links. (The pictures at the bottom are, as well, the most recent versions.)

For a more advanced analysis, and that which accounts for, and considers, more recent events and their impact on this plan, please listen to Maverick Radio Hours Episode 6 and Episode 16, particularly.

I also recorded a video, discussing the proof of concept and its implications, in February 2020. You may watch it at the link provided here: A New Economic: Video Presentation

I hope you find this plan interesting and enlightening, and that it is, indeed, capable of solving our economic troubles, especially considering where we find ourselves at present. (Add to which the added disruption it would bring to the plans of the corrupted “establishment”…) Please spread the idea, in person and online, because that’s the only way it becomes a reality.

Because, really, you gotta ask yourself one question: “Does this benefit me?” And as such, it does your neighbor too. Some win more, and some win less, but everybody wins. (Except criminals.)

And that’s the plan.

Much Love and Stand Strong, my friends.

– G]



The Great Awakening, Part I:

A New Economic:

“Breaking the Chains that Bind Humanity”
Saving the World in Three Easy Steps


A Simple, 3-Step Approach To:

  • Recreate the American Empire
  • Liberate the People of the United States (and the World)
  • Pre-empt Economic Collapse
  • Drastically Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Free the Human Spirit
  • Create the Greatest Society in Written History
  • Lead the World into the 21st Century
  • And More…


Consider our society as a whole:

We labor under corrupting forces, arrayed against us like weapons systems, cutting our noses to spite our faces, imprisoning ourselves for non-violence, profiting from death and misery, monopolizing the “free market”, corrupting the republic, taking our collective donation to enslave ourselves and wage war against the weak, privatizing every possible public good, brazenly deceiving on the grandest scale, pissing on everyone, calling it rain, wrangling us into pens made of emperors’ invisible gates, accelerating a global assault on the environment and human spirit, and edging us ever closer to the collapse of civilization.

[Before going any further, it should be clarified, that this is the state of our society, not an indictment of any individual or group. We all share blame, and credit, for the system as it stands. Some of us may carry more responsibility than others, but that is quite irrelevant to this plan. Judgment helps no one here. We are all in this together. Anyway, back to our state of affairs…]

We experience so much abuse from this system every day that it has become “normalized”. The last two generations have been indoctrinated into this normality from the cradle to the grave. I have personally watched my own generation (so-called “millennials”), when they have stood up for their dignity, get ignored, ridiculed, insulted, deceived, framed, shamed, gas-lighted, provoked to violence, and attacked. Not only by arms of the system itself, but by their own hands. Such is the power of overbearing psychological manipulation.

Still, at the deepest level, there is a fire for justice, yet burning in our hearts, which cannot be quenched by lies.

Many altruistic people have thus found a systemic issue to fight against: to end the destruction of the planet and its many species, to end wage exploitation, to end police brutality, to end the forever wars, to end “free trade”, to end mass shootings, to end rampant child abuse, to end the financial abuse of the “healthcare” industry, to end the indentured servitude of “student loans”, to end the “war on poverty” (or, the war on “the poor”), to end the “war on drugs” (or, the war on “drug-users”), fossil fuel consumption, pollution, and on and on…

On the other side of the coin, many people have an issue they fight for: to encourage people to grow their own food, encourage a reverence for nature, encourage riding a bicycle, encourage spending in the local economy, encourage a healthy lifestyle, encourage beneficial outlets for anger and frustration, encourage trust and faith in each other, encourage understanding between different peoples, teamwork, kindness, compassion, love…

Unfortunately, the system has slowly arranged itself to deny even the opportunity, the ability, for most people in this country to do anything substantial to stop the abhorrent issues, or to act on the beneficial ones, lest we lose our job, our apartment, or our home. For not a one of the efforts listed above, except on rare occasions, make the money necessary to pay for the privilege of living in this country. What we can do in our off-hours or the weekends is simply ignored or easily staunched by unjust laws. We, the people, are thus trapped in a system of increasing exploitation.

There are methods for nonviolent, systemic change (mass, sustained civil disobedience), and even if a great uprising would force it, there are too many disparate issues for parliamentary legislation to handle: too many laws to change, too many powerful special interests that will fight to retain their power, too many people benefiting from the system as it is, too many lawsuits that would stall the necessary action. And we are far too short on time for this piecemeal approach.

Besides “the people”, the “elites”, those in charge, are as trapped as well. They (or “we”, if you happen to be one) are an interconnected group that holds the reigns, but even if they wanted to (and increasingly, they do), they cannot let go either, lest an international supply chain collapse starve millions, or an errant oil tanker leaves a small country without fuel to transport critical goods, or a gas pipeline leak leaves a city of millions without heat. Increasingly, the answer from the top-down has recently been creeping fascism, an expanded police state, austerity, and repression. Eventually, this system will collapse on its own, but not before consuming as many resources as are still left, resulting in the desiccation and starvation of billions of people, and taking much of the life on Earth with it.

This cannot stand. We, as human beings, are not meant to live like this. For every day we live as we now do, the necessity for radical change rises, regardless the method. I, for one, aim to avert a living Hell.

So, what can be done besides overthrowing the major order and causing tremendous violence? Or conversely, oppressing the populace? Can this deprivation be avoided? Is there a solution that benefits everyone?

Yes, indeed, there is. And even moreso, it will create a new paradigm: just, equal, and free. This is “A New Economic”. It will be the strongest economy that the world has ever seen, and it will take us to the next level in global human evolution.

Sounds quite grand, doesn’t it? Surely something of that level would require great, sustained effort, right? Surely it would require mobilization on the scale of World War II? Surely it would need some new technology, loads of resources, and staggering levels of human labor, right?

Nope, none of that. All it takes is some paperwork. A lot of people doing that paperwork, yes, but only for perhaps a few months. A global utopia is now a desperate necessity, and this is how you do it.

The recipe for a new paradigm:

Step 1 – Properties: Anyone who legally occupies a residence, now owns it. Repeat for other properties utilized by the person or family: cars, agricultural land, farming equipment, the building in which a business is located, etc. Appropriate housing is given to the homeless.

Step 2 – Accounts: All debts, foreign and domestic, are forgiven, and all accounts in USD are closed.

Step 3 – Reconciliation: In a new currency, all former owners are paid the appraised value of each property.

And that’s it. Everyone becomes a debt-free homeowner, and the rich stay rich. There is no need to incarcerate anyone, no class warfare, no fighting in the streets.

The principle of “eminent domain”, that is regularly used to do things like build levees to protect flood-prone areas, makes this whole plan perfectly legal and justified for “the promotion of the general welfare”. The rest is all details. There will be a thousand tricky situations, of course, but most will be easily solved through proper wording, “parity through the process”, and if necessary, the courts.

A note on process for Step 1: It would be most efficient to process leases and deeds at the local level, and put the appraised monetary value into a new account, at the time of ownership transfer, which would remain frozen until the market reopens.

Qualification to Step 3: If a person or family owns their own home outright, and resides there, they receive full market value in the new currency. Mortgagers receive the value for which they had previously paid.

The government then takes all hands off, and we reopen the market. Prices will swing for some while before stabilizing, but nothing terrible can happen, because everyone will be in near-perfect economic position. We reinstate taxes at the federal level as we see fit, to pay for beneficial collective action. I would also recommend a moratorium on property taxes for the first year.

Post-transition would be a good time to institute a number of other beneficial policies as well, like Medicare for All (which we desperately need, regardless), a “Green New Deal”, free college, ending the income tax, releasing the prison population, ending the wars, etc. All of our politicians will still be here, our country’s laws will stay intact, capitalism will be saved, and many of the financial incentives for injustice, inequality, and repression will simply disappear.

In regard to other options put forth by concerned citizens to address the climate emergency, this plan addresses a desperate need that no other plan does: immediate reduction in fossil fuel usage. Most prospective solutions propose that we must “do more”, to address the emergency. Right now, however, one of the primary necessities is for many of us to “do less”. It is an astonishing waste for tens of millions of people, five days a week, to drive our vehicles to a non-critical job that represents little more than “economic bloat”. This plan allows the freedom for us to reject such meaningless and wasteful work, focus our efforts locally, and truly redress the dogma of unrestrained, now suicidal, “economic growth”.

This is a revolution, not a “revolt”.

The people in power benefit too. They will come out as the richest in the country, especially those who own a lot of real estate, who would like to erase complicated financial liabilities, or who are simply just as worried about the collapse and want a way out of this. They will soon fear not, and the people will be grateful to them.

What would this do for crime, for stress levels, for overwork, for over-consumption? What would this do for, really, just about any and every problem that is currently ravaging the people, the country, and the world? We presently have a surplus of every critical need. Are we yet ready to relax?

This is the rub: Everyone in America will be a debt-free homeowner, at minimum. We will pre-empt the next economic crash. Quality of life will bloom. We will have the freedom to do everything we love, to actually tackle the myriad crises plaguing our society. Class animosity will disappear. The streets will be clean. Families will get along. Neighbors will trust each other. It will be real unity for the first time in our lives. A president who does this will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time. You win. I win. Everybody wins. There will be worldwide celebrations.


Now consider yourself, an individual:

By now, you are probably thinking, “Oh, that could never happen! It’s far too wild and crazy!” My challenge is this: forget the abstract classes, forget judgment, forget the big government, the little government, forget the corporations, forget capitalism, socialism, communism, all the -isms, and simply ask yourself:

“Would this benefit me?”

Incredibly, this plan only asks that you, and us all, be selfish. That we merely act in our own interest and “look out for Number 1”.

Have you ever wanted to dedicate your life to your passion, but were worried that you would lose your job, your apartment, or your house?

The goal of this plan is for you to own your apartment, to own your house, to own your car, to own your business, and to be free of any and all kinds of debt, to be free from the leash around your neck. And conversely, for you to be free to release the leash of another. For the chains bind all equally, slave and master. The horror of each only manifests differently, but we all suffer.

This plan, quite literally, makes the “American Dream” happen for everyone, all at once. It retains the positive characteristics of capitalism, the industrial revolution, and the 20th century, while it vaporizes the negative. It breaks the chains, with no strings attached.

This only requires introducing the idea to the collective consciousness to succeed. To actively support this, please spread the word, and join myself and others in Washington D.C., and we will make this happen.

A new paradigm awaits our troubled souls.

Get ready for a glorious future.


Sincerely Yours,

Garret C. Tufte






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