"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."


Government – A collection of people working for the benefit of themselves (democracy) or their representatives (republic). Dependent upon votes, defined by a “yea” or “nay” given by each individual (one vote per voter). Operates by consent of the people, ideally and ultimately1, in both cases; their needs, demands, and wishes.

Individual – One that has a voice based on life. Were considered sacred, could be accepted as with surplus used toward support.

Economy – A semi-private mechanism that persuades people to do things. More specifically, at present: a semi-private (“blessed” by government at formation) interchange system, working toward the ends defined by consumers. Circular, supply and demand (or “demand and supply”) determine the action found between.

Corporation – A collection of people, working toward the benefit of a separate group of people, dependent upon those benefitting peoples’ monetary contribution toward said corporation. Or, a private oligarchy, subject to the government2.

Money – the object whereby an economy persuades people to do things. Presently represented by governmentally-sanctioned slips of paper of agreed-upon, implied value, “fiat currency”.

Consumer – analogue of the individual, but confined to an economy. Dependent upon monetary “worth” (how much one has followed an economy’s persuasion).



1 As for the American republic, by way of Jefferson’s addendum that “if ever the government become despotic, it is the peoples’ obligation to overthrow it”, lays that “ultimately” upon their feet.

2 Except in those corporations operating internationally, where subjection to government becomes vague, as it operates between many, in which case, ultimately, it is subject to none but its own directors.