"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Part VI-A: Media

Part VI-A: Media Consolidation


Consolidation has inherent benefits for means by which works may be effected. Efficiency in every form allows for faster transit, construction, reparation, and exchange. When someone wants to do something, it is the better way in which it may be done. It is important in this way, and a great boon from the development of capitalism, especially that it seems to progress of its own accord, and does not require dictation or direction in this respect. That fact is, however, unsettling in many respects. In media, it may be financially beneficial, or better for the spreading of a “message” (a function that we should not lose, exactly, as the emergency broadcast system, and for important announcements, i.e., presidential addresses), but as we understand the culture of our democracy presently (defined, in the most part, by media), and as we understand “democracy” itself, accepting, nay ‘encouraging’ the varied voices that it (democracy) inherently creates should be a paramount priority. I would offer that this happens of its own course, that it would be unnecessary to ‘encourage’ varied voices. It will happen of its own accord, and I would say that it is one of the greatest virtues of democracy. If, in fact, one would argue that this is NOT a virtue, that little benefits a society as a result, democracy itself should be attacked thusly. I believe that there is inherent benefit for the varied voices (artistically, individual-empowering, culturally, creates a tighter, prouder, smaller community, as the artwork is that much more magnificent, is that much closer to the touch, personal, unique; is that much more REAL, when it’s right in your front yard; that the artist or engineer or conductor, himself, is that much grander, stronger, virtuous, worthy of respect, when he is your neighbor. This is to be desired more than the “thinly spread” artists and conductors, selected in backrooms of palaces, forcing hegemony upon our souls for little purpose besides “efficiency” (and I cannot see any other reason for the dreck that passes for national media). This cannot be a goal in itself: protecting the local and personal from the massive steamroller that is conglomeration, but preventing the silence that it imposes, is an important, worthy undertaking. It should certainly be taken seriously.

[There is more to be said of this topic, and I will return to it in due time.]