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Definitive Renditions for Piano: “Doom & Gloom & Boom” and “Jolly Rampage”

Over the course of the last year, I’ve honed and refined a number of my favorite piano and organ numbers. I had been playing a couple different spots on the streets of Kansas City, during this time, about once a week or so. The set comes to about 45 minutes of original music, or around 7 or 8 different pieces, give or take a couple for improvisation.

Here’s two of those pieces, recently recorded from home (spiced with a little bit of pre and/or post chatter), on an old upright. I have posted prior recordings of one variation of these (heretofore, quite raw), and the other is new and fresh to the internet.



Doom & Gloom & Boom:


Jolly Rampage:


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  1. Marvelous!!!! There is beauty in concordance.
    My Father was a surveyor and a banjo/violin player.
    Music & math pair well.

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