"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

A Narrative, as Witnessed, with Accompanying Commentary, Concerning the Events of Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, at the Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

A Narrative, as witnessed, with accompanying commentary, concerning the events of Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, at the Capitol Building, Washington D.C.:

I went to the capitol because it seemed to be the place to which the crowd was congregating, as it was there that congress was to reportedly count the votes for the new president, and that there was also scheduled to be a number of well-known speakers on important issues.

The crowd gathered, in the 10s of 1000s, and we made our way closer, across the mall. We stopped at a large pool west of the building, and it seemed that was where we would gather. It did not take long before there began to be a rush, so to speak. People began to move further eastward. Voices from megaphones urged us to move closer to the building, the West entrance.

We went onto the front lawn, passed a few gates, and gathered there. Voices urged people on further. Far ahead, there were groups of vanguard pushing against small groups of police. The police fell back with some resistance. Why would they resist anyway? This was public property and there were thousands of us from every walk of life, color, creed, united as Americans who were not going to be denied our voice.

Vanguard groups pushed further, now getting to the steps of the capitol. The police fell back, with a bit more resistance this time, and we went up the steps and began to fill in the stands of the bowl surrounding the West entrance. When we got there, the crowd gave up mighty cheers. We stood upon the precipice of those sacred stones, gazing West, a sea of red, white, and blue blooded Americans, upon our birthright, our most sacred temple.

This is the place where democracy happens: a congregation at the forum. This is where the ideals to which we strive take form, where our collective dreams take shape. Now was the time to speak, for us to commune, to discuss the great tribulations we have been subject to, to collectively determine, first, the reality of our situation, and then to decide upon an appropriate course of action to reinstate constitutional law, to reaffirm our individual, god-given rights.

What is the reality of our situation? Everyone has a piece to this puzzle, but the broad strokes are that we are all being abused by what has clearly become a tyrannical, lawless government. Who is responsible? You will get a thousand different answers. What is the best course of action to take? Again, a thousand different answers.

On January 6th, none of this was discussed. There were no speakers. Only the harping on from the megaphones, pushing the vanguard to charge the doors. And charge they did. For two hours, it was like teams of football linemen within the tunnel, pushing back and forth, with pepper spray and clouds of gas emitting, seemingly, at random.

The crowd cheered or cried with dismay at each development. We sang the national anthem, chanted “we the people”, “let us in”, “no lies, no tyrants”. We scolded the police for protecting our so-called “leaders”. We scolded those that began breaking windows, and at times, pulled those people down and away so they could not break the glass of “our house”. This is our property, and we knew it, and we know it now. No one is to damage it, except for an express, and clearly defined, purpose.

Eventually a small group broke one of the windows and began entering. They called for the crowd to go in too, but pretty much everyone stayed back. I was suspect of their motives. I’m still not sure, exactly, what they hoped to accomplish. For even if we were to go in for the day, and occupy the building, what then? There was no clear plan, no designs for where to go from there. The crews with the megaphones, atop towers urging the crowd to “attack”, “fight”, “push forth”; they gave no indication, not even the foggiest notion of “purpose”.

When the sun was setting, it seemed that the police had had enough. One, two, three big tear gas canisters exploded in the center of the “bowl” and the people scattered, coughing and crying, staggering for the thin stairway exits. Fortunately, there was no stampede and no one got trampled, that i could tell. Credit ought to go to the police officers on that level, as i could tell that the crowd control method which they used was executed well to minimize such a rush. As much as we scolded them for protecting the architects of our constitutional plight, they handled themselves quite well through a very chaotic and delicate moment in history.

Why were we all there? It was not only to support the president, and make known our displeasure at the massive, unprecedented level of fraud in the last election. Clearly, were you to talk with anyone in attendance, you would find out that we were there because our government has been infiltrated by compromised actors and criminals, imposing and enforcing unjust laws on us, the people, while they go to great pains NOT to enforce JUST laws upon clearly criminal actors and organizations.

This is clearly why we were there, this is clearly what all of this is about, and if there is anywhere that this may be remedied through the traditional and established modes of federal governance, it would be at the Capitol itself.

However, again, the question remains “what is to be done”? If we storm the building, and all the reps scurry off and do their business elsewhere, what is accomplished? “A tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

There must be significance, if we are to invoke such sound and fury. The sum total of this episode, i believe, is to show that we, the people of the United States, will not go quietly into that dark night. We will not allow the present state of affairs, the vast criminal syndicate and their puppets, to continue to treat us all like garbage.

I would have liked to iron out a proper plan of action, to detail the process necessary to address and exorcise the corruption at the top before taking such heavy action as this. Nonetheless, as a next step, it was necessary for we, the people, to have a “show of force”.

Personally, I will not live in the “brave new world” the social engineers have planned for us. Period. What’s to come further is a hell that i will die, if necessary, to prevent. And i am not the only one. A better world can clearly be had for all of us. There is no need for this tyranny, at all, in any manner. “No more lies, no more tyrants.” I will die for a better world, for the principles upon which this country was founded, if so necessary, but I would rather live to effect that same change.

Our goals now are to: properly discern the reality of our situation, identify the enemy, identify solutions, craft a strategy to implement them, and communicate these conclusions far and wide. Action will be taken when necessary, as it was on the 6th. Take stock of what worked, what did not, update those former conclusions, and take the next action.

It is not necessary for everything to change in a day, nor exactly desirable. The general, long-term strategy: keep exposing the corruption, do not comply with unjust orders, express your displeasure peacefully, live courageously, do not be deceived, be a positive example. Pass along these precepts to anyone and everyone, regardless of their position within the heirarchy. In such a manner, we shift our consciousness over time with minimal trouble. Keep talking to as many people as possible. If through censorship or other maliciousness, an avenue becomes closed to you, find another route.

This was a massive victory, and a step in the right direction. It may not seem like it, considering that some people got hurt. Nobody wants that, except the same criminals who have been screwing us all over for decades, if not the last century.


Remember what we’re fighting for:

We’re fighting so that no one ever gets bankrupted for having an illness or getting a higher education.

So that we can open businesses, and buy and sell as we see fit.

So that our children have access to a good education, and are free of psychological abuse, social engineering, and dehumanization.

So that we can speak, pray, and report about what we wish, with whom we wish, where we wish it.

So that merit, talent, and hard work are rewarded in our lives, rather than criminality and sociopathy.

So that our elected representatives are chosen fairly, actually represent us, and that they are free to craft and repeal laws without pressure or influence from questionable organizations.

So that we are told the truth about what is happening in our world, and are not beholden to liars and deceivers warping the minds and spirits of millions of our brothers and sisters.

So that we have personal sovereignty, the right to control what we put in our bodies, and the right to grow what we wish on our own land.

So that our government acts as an impartial referee in business relations, and does not favor one company over another, through excessive regulation or collusion with monopolistic practices.

So that we may be free of unjust laws, the enforcement of which have unduly imprisoned tens of millions and laid ruin to families for generations.

So that we may no longer be subject to a continuation of this exhausting, decades-long, witless, meaningless, myopic, red vs. blue, black vs. white, man vs. woman, political dog-and-pony-show theatre; driving wedges between friends and families, and daily warping the minds of hundreds of millions, billions, of people.

Simply put, this is unacceptable.

This is but a short list, a few examples of what we are fighting for. To clean up all of this garbage requires a revolution of some sort, and there be no better place for it to start than at the Capitol building, the main temple of our body politic, in Washington D.C.

January 6th was a slight show of force, and “the establishment” had better take this message loud and clear. The people who got hurt, and those that died, of the “protestors” and the police officer, these people are martyrs, who fought for a better America, and they should be remembered as such. I, personally, should have stepped up more to wrangle in the chaos, and for that there is no excuse.

Still, to those in Congress, the Senate, and all elected officials across this nation, who through greed or cowardice: the blood of those men and women is on YOUR hands: you brought this upon yourselves through your astonishing dereliction of duty, your willful breaking of the oath of office, through your apathetic acquiescence to every imaginable mode of corruption, for your outright contempt of your constituency, the American people.

With every family broken to pieces by the drug war, with every man and woman wrongfully imprisoned, with every business wrecked in the China tyranny virus, with every refugee who fled from a foreign war zone, with every veteran that committed suicide, with every man, woman, and child left homeless on the street, with every addict caused by the manufactured economic crises, with any and every societal crisis that could have been easily avoided with the slightest modicum of integrity and adherence to the oath of office; YOU, congress, our so-called “leaders”, along with every one of your corrupt friends lining your pockets; you have brought this upon yourselves.

How many American lives, how many families have you destroyed over the last year alone? How about the last 5 years? 10? 20? 50?


How could you possibly think you could keep doing this to us and there wouldn’t be consequences? We, the American people, are not stupid. Just because you pretend that we are, and you have corporate media spew that message, does not, and will never, make it so.

You have been drinking your own koolaid for so many decades, so much that you can still, somehow, feign outrage at the slightest natural consequence of your tremendous failure. You have no legitimacy, whatsoever, and certainly no high-ground upon which to stand and judge what WE, the people, do to correct the abuses that you have ushered in upon us. No wonder that not a one of you could stand to show your faces to the crowd on that day. Your cowardice can be equaled only by your shame.

The good people in law enforcement will soon no longer be there to protect you, as what shred of dignity to which you still cling finally snaps, and you go tumbling down the cliff.

It would appear that you sent a message to the American people that day, to absolve yourselves of some responsibility in the mad carnival of which you have been a part: the passage of a irrelevant and insignificant rule on semantics, of the use of language.

Considering that for the last decade at least, 1800-page spending bills have shown up on your desks the day before a vote, it would appear that the power lies elsewhere. Where is it? Who is it? Who is writing this garbage? Tell us. Tell the American people, law enforcement, and the military, exactly who these people are and where this trash is coming from. This would be a huge step in healing our system.

If you are going to deflect blame, we need you to point us in the right direction. No more lies, no more abuse. We need the truth. And by now, this should be crystal clear.



Garret C. Tufte


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