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The Maverick Radio Hour: “The Miracle of Qualified Morality” [Episode 18]

Hi all!

In this episode, I start with some general thoughts on the progress of the freedom movement, and then return to the economic thought experiment from last week, which morphs into examining the distinction between direct and qualified moral instruction. Wherein, YOU are the arbiter, i.e. the Golden Rule. This is a hugely important subject that has been deeply responsible for religious advances of the past and the dynamism of the modern social contract. And it turns out that maintaining basic human rights and freedoms might be even more important than we thought. How so? Let’s find out…


Welcome to the Maverick Radio Hour.

Recorded on February 9th, 2022.

P.S. My apologies for the thumping on the audio. It would appear the recorder was quite sensitive. Shall aim to remedy in the future!

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