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The Maverick Radio Hour: “The Crisis of Confidence and the Power of Providence” [Episode 19]

Happy birthday George (Washington), from the frozen tundra of Kansas. And much props to all the modern-day freedom fighters out there, putting their lives on the line. Stand strong and much love!

In this episode, I start with some thoughts on contemporary issues. Things are heating up, to say the least. Protip: keep your head, and no one loses their head. That make sense? Alright then… onward to uncharted (or re-discovered) knowledge!

“Confidence”, as a concept, has perplexed me for a long time. Particularly, the dichotomy, the push and pull, of confidence vs. doubt. Endlessly vexing this was, until I realized that these terms ARE NOT OPPOSITES. What’s that you say? Yep. They aren’t even in the same ballpark. It’s a false dichotomy! This is some sort of strange language-artifact that wormed its way into our colloquial usage. Thoughts ensue, and a new diametric battle is born.

Key terms:

  • Neutral Civility: the state of “not abusing others and not allowing oneself to be abused” (baseline of healthy individual/society)
  • Confidence: the state of knowing or possessing something important, but keeping it secret (e.g. “showing confidence” = walking into a room with a gaudy lockbox)
  • Providence: the state of providing something (goods, services, entertainment, love, etc.)

I am certain you will find this talk informative, fascinating, and enlightening.


Welcome to the Maverick Radio Hour…

Recorded on February 22nd, 2022.

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