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The Maverick Radio Hour: “A New Economic: The Pamphlet” [Episode 6]

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In this one, I speak directly on “The Great Awakening, Part I: A New Economic”, particularly, the pamphlet/flier that lays out the plan, with plenty of tangents, fresh concepts, and reasoned examinations embedded throughout this talk.

Highlights include:

  • analysis of the 2008 financial crash, in regard to “renting” or “owning”: the big crime was to “steal the ownership portions” of mortgages through the economic downturn itself. (can’t work, can’t pay mortgage, lose your “stake in property”)
  • a big difference between 2008 and 2020, a mathematical calculation (as they were both “engineered” at many levels)
  • how money is “created”, faith and credit
  • the inefficiency of much global trade, and the abuse of “centralized manufacturing”
  • Murphy’s Law on a societal level (pre-Renaissance): “if it can be used to control and abuse you, it probably will be”
  • “Globalists polluting with globalism claim globalism the solution to pollution”
  • “A New Economic” allows us to throw out the garbage in our national financial system, while retaining the good
  • as an “economic Apollo program”


This is the Maverick Radio Hour…



Recorded October 20th, 2021.


P.S. The video presentation of “A New Economic”, from February 2020, may be seen here: https://www.tuftesvariations.com/philosophy/a-new-economic-video-presentation

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