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Preview: The “Data” Behind Mask Mandates

So I got an early draft of the much-anticipated muzzling data. Here’s a small sampling of some of the rough figures that the CDC, WHO, and others have been using to justify the imposition of mask mandates:


Physical Metric:                                                  % Change:

Oxygen intake:                                                         – 15%

CO2 intake:                                                              + 1,000%

Bacterial Pneumonia Susceptibility:                   + 1,000%

Virus Transmission Rate:                                       – 2.5%


Psycho-Social Metric:                                         % Change:

Fear:                                                                          + 100,000%

Confusion:                                                               + 10,000%

Misery:                                                                     + 10,000%

Hypochondria:                                                        + 1,000% (after 2 weeks)

Submissiveness:                                                      + 50%

Slave Mentality:                                                       + 20% (after 2 weeks)

Verbal Communication:                                          – 50%

Intelligence:                                                               – 7.5% (after 6 months)



Communist Hubris:                                                  + 10,000%

Political “Leader’s” Dementia:                                + 10,000%

Bill Gates’ Ego:                                                          + 10,000%


So there you have it folks, a smattering of “the science” behind this Twilight Zone-nightmare, psychologically-abusive, naked tyranny. The “Dem leadership” might as well cite the opinion of a 3-year old throwing a temper tantrum for this so-called “policy”. In fact, that would probably be better, because these policies are designed to cause problems. The random dictates of a child are not coldly calculated to destroy our country, and would be preferable, in fact. “Everyone does handstands today! Weeee! […] Okay, snack time now! […] Hide and seek!”

On a more serious note, for those newly coming around: first, don’t comply. Anyone, no matter the position, and especially in law enforcement. Second, at some point, the people imposing this garbage need to be removed from whatever position of authority they’re pretending to occupy, under grounds of criminal negligence, at minimum. [For further details on that effort, see “Exorcism of Tyranny”] I’ll leave it at that for now.

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