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The Great Awakening, Part II: Exorcism of Tyranny (Addendum added Feb. 25th)

I put together this flier to have all the information necessary to impart the basic, most actionable information concerning the virus panic and many of the issues plaguing us at the moment. Clearly, there is much more to be said, but this appears the most appropriate for a one-page flier. Also, I should give credit to the person who showed me the referenced law. He knows who he is, for sure, and I greatly appreciate his gift at the time, and now, as well.

It should be noted as well, that the mandatory wearing of masks is one of the most evil and insidious impositions ever put upon humanity. It brings so much damage to the population, that it is incalculable. It represents a slow and agonizing societal death, if perpetuated. There is much, much negative to be said of them, however, I shall try to refrain from doing so, in order to avoid giving the enemy any more ideas. Creativity and logical analysis are strong points that we may use for good, especially, in this time.

The plan shown below, appears to me, the best way to get a handle on the crises of the moment: from fraud, tyranny, dictates, abuse of personal sovereignty, etc., while at the same time maintaining law and order, and avoiding a descent into chaos and anarchy. This way, we might move forward amicably and sure-footed, and leave the virus panic and many other unjust impositions behind us.

It should be noted, again, and I cannot stress this enough, that the issues we are facing are “ingrained into the system”. It is much less the grand intent of some malicious actors, people, that we find ourselves in the situation which we are in. So many forces have been at work to create the “system of things” of which we inhabit. For my part, viewing that system from an outsider point of view, from the “bird’s eye”, has been instrumental in finding a solution, or rather, my contribution to the solution.

So, where one finds systemic issues, one crafts systemic answers. Tit for tat, in a way. To take but one example: political, campaign contributions had become little more than legalized bribery. That’s it. At the highest level, getting elected required taking massive contributions and spending incredible amounts of money on advertising, colored further by an inherent deception that often comes with such a thing, where the message is, for example, twisted to create a demand where none previously existed.

Now, if you talk to your representatives, and when you know people in politics, they are quite aware of this element, and the truly sincere, do their best to work around this systemic issue. So, at the individual level, such a thing may be mitigated, but the systemic problem remains, like a house with termites, that yet stands. And yet, when the infestation was pointed out, and that there would be foundational issues if it were to continue unabated, the problem was swiftly ignored. We are now witnessing the fruits of the ignorance on this issue, along with a hundred more. The “chickens have come home to roost”, so to speak.

This is but one example, again, of a systemic problem that has been gnawing away at our nation and our lives for decades. It was getting worse and worse, by the year. We now have our reckoning, for those that did not take these warnings seriously. The problem has finally showed up in “our backyard.”

So, considering where we are today, and the systemic forces that have been wreaking havoc, some of which have manifested in “naked tyranny”, for example, the systemic predatory nature of our medical system. By now, this should be clear to anyone with “eyes to see and ears to hear”. If not, your eyes will be opened one way or the other. Listening to my words, and those of other scholars and prophets, and taking action upon them, for example, by avoiding situations where you or your loved ones may be taken advantage of by this system and others, is the “easy way”. Ignore these warnings, and you will find out “the hard way”, as many already have.

Even the deceivers, themselves, have been warning you, in their own way. Naivety is no protection for those without innocence, and if you are reading this, and are of my generation, at least, know that what vestiges of innocence you may think you still have, have now been swept away entirely. Let there be no doubt about that.

If you act like a sheep, you will be treated like one. The wolves have lined you up for the slaughter. What are you going to do? Go along to get along? Pray the machinery breaks and the gates collapse of their own accord? Look for a savior? If you truly want one, you need to look in the mirror.

“What can you do?
Rock on, walk on, my friends,
rock and roll, walk and extol,
beat on the wall til a crack, and
take your future back.”

Toward that end, and in the spirit of truth, love, harmony, justice, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I offer this plan.

May you stand strong in the face of darkness, and may God bless and keep you all!





It should be noted that “Exorcism of Tyranny” relies upon the principles that have been in effect, officially, for a very long time: in the United States, through the Bill of Rights, and across the world, through the Geneva Convention, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Nuremberg Code. The basic facts are particular to what is happening now, but the answer is not that different from what has previously been established. This is why it is so vitally important that we, as individuals and societies, “remain vigilant”. Tyranny will always try to find a way, and we have witnessed quite the manifestation.

*Responses stem from Natural Law, the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, and the Bill of Rights.*

Personal and Theological Reflections:

Note that I did not write my name on the pamphlet. On one level, the extra space was needed for important information. On another level, it makes little difference, because I am clearly being censored and blacklisted. On another level, derived from that, it’s better that someone who reads and shares it does not similarly get censored or blacklisted. On another level, this helps avoid an “ego-trap”. On another level, not everyone needs to know everything I have to say, i.e. to read through my other writings. And on yet another level, and the most important, the observation and subsequent logic expressed within “stands on its own foot”. There need not be a particular person or organization to whom this is attributed in order to provide additional “authority”. If I have done my job right, anyone should be able to look out at their world, use their own sense, memory, logical faculties, do the math themselves, if needed, and come to the same conclusions.

For my part in this, I wish not to “rule” anyone. In fact, I don’t even like “giving orders”, though my world does demand such of me, here. (And perhaps your world is demanding such of you. Something to think about.) Preferable, it be, generally, to give as few as possible. In such a manner, liberty reigns moreso, and people are that much freer to do what they wish and think critically on their own. Such is applicable to anyone in their own lives as well. Generally, rather than issuing orders, I like to ask, or persuade, if the need is pressing. This is simply my general character, it would seem, but also that following such a philosophy may be a positive thing for many people. This is a basic philosophy, and easy to understand. And because we are “getting down to basics” after throwing out a whole lot of garbage that’s been swirling in our heads, basic philosophies seem to be appropriate for the moment. (Clarification: “Orders” that involve money or exchange are “transactional”, and are not to be confused with, one may call, “directional” orders.)

So, it should be clear, that, even in my personal interactions, these are some of the only non-transactional “orders” that I have ever given anyone. I do not make them lightly. And note, as well, that these “orders” pertain almost exclusively to the quality of giving orders. This is not only a socio-psychological expression of high-level mathematical corollaries, but also indicative of the highest of religious concepts, exemplified by Christ, as the “king of kings”. For this expresses not that Jesus is “the greatest king”, as if he were on some sort of scale, though that may be the case, but rather that his teachings were directed not only toward “the sheep”, but especially toward “the shepherds”. Hopefully “the shepherds” will get the message here.

Further, if one were to disagree with this plan, or to dismiss it, of its own accord, then, judging through “reverse engineering” of psychological cause, granted that they “know themselves”; ultimately, I would suspect, such people do not respect themselves. This is the realm of Satan, and that is what he does to people. [See other writings, “The Value of Self-Respect” and “To Know Thyself is to Know God”.] In such a manner, you may begin to see how this works, and what the point behind “tyrannical impositions” really are, in the aggregate, over time, on a societal level, how they relate to the individual, and the endless cycle between: society influencing the individual, and the individual influencing society, akin to “art imitating life” and vice versa. Because, as individuals, capable of self-governance, what “sickness” may be found within us, we, each of us, has the ability to cure it. This is reminiscent of the “Serenity Prayer”, to follow through and stay steadfast in that, controlling “what we can control”. There is much wisdom there.

Political Considerations:

Many people would have liked President Trump to order such as I have outlined, to further “drain the swamp”. However, were he to put forth such a plan, it would have had little weight, for he, himself, was a primary perpetrator, as he originally ordered the lockdown last year. For by ordering the virus panic lockdown, regardless of the rationale, President Trump made himself, technically, I believe, the greatest tyrant our nation has ever experienced. (Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt were said to be tyrants as well, so he’s not exactly in “bad company”.)

At the same time, through his other efforts, prior to, and concurrent with the virus panic, on a practical level, he saved the country from certain destruction, in multiple ways, and saved much of the world from generations of future tyranny. Much credit must be given to him. He also spoke out directly against the panic, and exposed the malicious agenda for what it ultimately is.

Now, at the end of his term, had he made amends and instituted this plan, with a press conference, and publicly “turned himself in”, that would have been astounding, cathartic, dramatic, and beyond bold, for him, the country, and the history books. This was not the case, however, and it would seem God has other plans.


Keep in mind, as well, that the “effective date” of January 21st is important, because my intention here is not to hold to account, retroactively, every executive or lawmaker or administrator or bureaucrat or corporate manager or judge, who has ever ordered such in the past. To do so would collapse far too many vital positions of authority and delegation, at all levels of government and the private world, to which we all rely on and participate within. (There are some individuals who were particularly egregious in their abuse, however, who do need to be held to account, and whose motivations need to be explored for a number of reasons.)

For the most part, however, this declaration is to prevent further abuse. To “arrest” the systemic tyrannical process, where it is now, at the individual level, using the power of law enforcement and the judiciary.

On the flip side, the “realignment of focus“, away from “the people”, allows and encourages us to disregard the formerly imposed unconstitutional, dehumanizing restrictions, whether related to the virus panic or not, without fear of authority’s reprisal. Thus, our society’s “escape” from this crisis is smooth, organic, peaceful, and self-empowering.

For this to work, all that most people need to do is read the pamphlet and pass it on.


This is part of a larger plan, of course. For my part, there are more “Great Awakenings” yet to come. Some may be inferred from what I’ve written already (along with what many others have spoken on greatly), so for some of the most intuitive and curious, you may be able to see where this is leading, and how the shifts and changes lead to a better world, of an astonishingly wonderful and fulfilling character. Simply put, these “Great Awakenings” are my best response to all the prayers, all the wishes, the wants and desires that everyone has offered and pleaded, so far as I have been able to ascertain over many years.

Justice shall be done, and in some cases, it will be quite poetic. It’s happening already, in fact. God has laid down quite the plan, and I’m happy to do my part.

I hope you will spread the word as you see fit, stand up for your rights, trust your intuition and common sense, and trust that, when enlightened, your fellow man and woman will do the same. Be the “first cause” in your own life.

Love ’em all, and let God sort ’em out.”

– G


Update: The most recent version of the flier may be found here:

TGA Part II: Exorcism of Tyranny (Flier, June 21st, 2021)

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