"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

A Catalogue of Short Notes (Spring 2021) *Updated May 19th*

I have a lot of written works in progress that are coming. They are not ready yet, but in the meanwhile, here are a few snippets of some scattered notes of pertinence, to which more may well be added:


In regard to the “Exorcism of Tyranny” essay and one-page flier:

I have, since posting that particular essay, written, in ink, my name and website on the flier itself. After releasing a number of them without attribution, it would seem that some is necessary. Not only for obvious reasons (where did this come from? who wrote this? who do we have to thank/vilify? etc.), but also that, hopefully, doing so will show a path toward “standing up for one’s truth”, and perhaps lead others to find the flier, write their own name on it, and distribute it in a similar manner. In so doing, people may lend their own weight and show their agreement/support for the ideas contained therein.

I will soon address this concept more fully, and in more detail.


A New Economic:

What vestiges were left of “communism” as any sort of legitimate ideology (rather than, more aptly, a societal structure based on sophisticated abuse) appear to be in ruin. For this plan is a most just and fair “redistribution” of wealth, but as well, and more so, a “redistribution of freedom and ownership.” Really, wealth, in the material sense, in broad strokes, does not even really change hands. It stays where it is. It’s a reassertion of reality, really, and a destruction of the illusion of the “invisible fencing”.

Also, this plan does not describe how to run an economy, but how to create an economy. It represents not a perpetuation of a “solid state” economy, which is what communism and socialism are, but rather a necessary inhalation of capitalism, for it has been exhaling for a very, very long time. (Again, the “I can’t breathe” trope of the present day bears more wisdom.)

The biology, astronomy, ecology, physics, that is, the sciences themselves, are instructive in how we may manage our economic lives, particularly in the manner of a cycle. Adhering to “solid states” (where cycles are natural and inevitable) will only result in catastrophe, as the necessary event “eventuates”. We have the ability, through our reason and logic, to identify where such cycles are necessary and/or beneficial, and institute them in a structured and amicable manner. We ought best to use it.

Clearly, the first go around with this new “economic tool”, even the mere introduction of the idea, is not exactly pretty, to say the least. Such as it is, for this plan works as a “declaration of independence” on an economic level, that is versatile and applicable to nearly any nation-state whose citizens/leaders wished to utilize it for their betterment. (Particularly useful in the event of economic collapse or “hyperinflation”.)


All sorts of bad actors are trying to swoop in and steal power during this reckoning and crisis of confidence on so many levels of politics, economics, media, and on and on…

Do not be deceived, be sure to get down to basics, often, if needed, find “the rock” of reality, your life, your truths, your loves; and love it, know it, give your love to him, to her, to them, to us…


Don’t let people tell you what to do with your life unless you are getting some clear benefit from them. (The irony of “telling people to do something”, by saying so, is not lost on me here.)

That is the beauty of the paradox: “I wouldn’t want to be a part of any club that would have me as a member.”

That is both the “yes and no”, the quantum entanglement, Schrodinger’s Cat, that is both alive and dead, until the wave function finally collapses upon “observation”. In such a manner, we alter our realities.

To know thyself -> “observe thyself”

To put a finer point on it, arrange your observations spatially and temporarily toward the aspect of oneself that you are most curious, or that you would like to most alter, eventually. Science cannot advance without observation.

The same applies to the external world as well; apply “focus” toward that to observe and to alter, if so desired. The latter is, and has been, standard practice for centuries. The former is what might be called “subjective experimentation”. It’s the analysis of the experimenter themselves, shown in practice through questions of ethical significance, through weight-training, or “self-help”, for example. To “flatten” this subjective variation is the purpose behind “double-blind” objective experimentation. For ultimately, in life, the experiment “slices object and subject irrespective”. If you are unaware of either, you’re going to have a bad time. So be aware of both, as simultaneously as you wish. The fruits of such awareness will be immediately apparent. Your life will have newfound clarity, and what issues were so mysterious and intractable will soon become small (or large) obstacles, “engineering challenges”, so to speak.


Something that comes to mind: when I was at a Chinese restaurant back in January of 2020, I asked about what China was really doing (ostensibly in the midst of their “lockdown”), as the lady running the place said she had some Chinese folks, some young women, who grew up there and were happy to be in the states. I asked about their thoughts, what it was like living there, and the owner said unequivocally that they “don’t talk about it.” Curious that…

Were they yet afraid? Is “what it is” so unspeakably horrible? If what is being foisted upon us is but a taste of what “they” have planned, then, well… I think I can understand where they are coming from.


I will turn you into an unstoppable force for truth, harmony, justice, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Listen…

Reality is built of your strength to stand your ground.

At your heart, do you not love life?

If ye do not, why?

What enemy has turned your gift sour?

God calls you to advance the (your) Kingdom of Heaven through your own will, emotions, thought, and determined rationale.

We all have the good spirit within us. Open your eyes. Open the eyes of your neighbor. They too have “eyes to see and ears to hear”. This is the wisdom of faith, of love, of both friend and enemy. Truth strikes at the heart of all, if a heart there be. Use this to help determine the sheep from the wolf.


This assault of tyranny represents a fundamental attack on the very idea of governance. As I’ve said before, concerning those in power, “Do you want to be leaders of free men, or little more than slave-masters?”

Not all power is created equal, for there is a great, integral difference between ruling people through fear or through love. Machiavelli’s famous quote, “tis better to be feared than loved”, contains within it a necessary assumption, that “a life of power is good in and of itself.” I find this a statement that does not “stand on its own foot,” but yet requires the “master of one’s life”, if one actually wishes “mastery”, to examine the properties of “power through fear”, while considering the reflection that the world gives every one of us “actors”, for the “equal and opposite reaction” of ruling through fear, is being ruled by fear, redirected, here back toward the “first cause”, i.e. the self-determining portion of each of our souls. “It’s a terrible thing to live in fear,” and such is the realm for those who command power, wielding it. The “double edged sword” strikes both ways; there are worse fates than death, and courage and fear transcend the mortal coil, and as much, exist within it.

This is a fundamental decision we all get to make, in our own ways, and of itself, our ability to choose what “we shall be ruled by”, is one of the great tests this life has to offer. It is a great gift, our free will. Love or fear: wielding either is to choose your master. “You determine the space between heaven and hell. Use it well.”


I have had people disbelieve the things I have done, often because it seems outlandish and impossible, of course, but also that no one seems to have the time to do all of these things. I would like to say to them:

Part of the reason that I have found the time to do all of these things (not only because I’m not married and have no children), could be founded upon myself not bothering to constantly record all of these adventures on film or photograph? Had I spent time recording what I’ve been doing these last 10+ years, I would have got a whole lot less done. And/or to ensure, prior to an outing, that there was necessarily a “close witness”.

This is to say, that had I been pre-occupied with “the recordation” of what I do, I would have done much less than what I actually have.


I came here to kick out the usurpers of the American Republic and chew bubble gum. And I am all out of bubble gum.



So, considering that many great truths and concepts are paradoxes, in that they may be viewed as an ouroboros, that crosses against itself, and is yet form-fitting and completes its own circuit, we may look at those beginning words:

“And in the beginning there was the Word. And the word was God.”

Such tight-knit, self-fulfilling truth would fit the bill, as we may see “faith”, itself, as an excellent example. It is “certainty in the face of uncertainty.” Such a thing reinforces itself of its own conceptual existence. Add to which the many, many times that its fruits have been observed in action.

The “bill” being, in this case, let’s say, the constitution of subatomic particles and their seemingly “magical” perpetual motion and endless energy. An electron is an example, although we do see that it requires continual interaction with other particles (protons, photons, etc.) to avoid “decay”.

From the original energy, we have “the word” take form, in irrepressible, tightly-knit, paradoxical, yet complimentary loci, from which the cascade of our majestic universe flows forth.


The Primacy of Reality

The interrelated admixture of light and shadow, that which we reside, between, in the universe as given form. The Spiritual and the Digital occupy the Macro and Micro, respectively, with reality in between. It’s like, within our 4-dimensional universe, we created our own “Flatland”, a digital world of lesser dimensions.


Abuse of the “Law of laws” brings out the “King of kings”. (“History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man…”)


“It’s like a 2-hour autobiography of this friggin’ guy…”

“So I’m driving the bus, right?” *gestures*



“Here’s my mask.” *points to headband* (Turns out, I’m a ninja turtle fighting the foot clan.)

“It’s because of people like me that you are not a total sleep-walking zombie, right now. Do you really want to see what the world is like without people like me around? Lemme give you a hint, buddy: it ain’t pretty. I don’t ask for much for this neither. I don’t need your money, or your thanks or your pity or anything other than ‘not be f***ed with,’ so quit your bulls*** with me.”


Sometimes the rhyme signs the line,
direction irrespective of practical matters,
mindful pursuits second seat to activity,
regardless of prophet or motive or remedy.


To the lady who was upset about her niece who she just found out was pregnant:
“What, do you want her to become a nun or something?”


“What, are we all purple now?”
If you’ve noticed the correlation that… and that… and between… for both… and yet… and now… so then…
It’s kinda like the Triforce, the “third leg” burgeoning, bridging, widening, balancing between formerly polar opposites, bending toward 60 degree ideally, materializing the “third way”, forming its own and supplemental supports like an archway, where a new stone is put in, to bend it up further, tightening the connection with the 3rd line, accelerative gradual lengthening 0 -> 1, with legs static length: “Holy hypnotic hypotenuses, Professor Snuffelupugus!”


You may notice that, as you get older, more of the world about you becomes a mirror. Then, when you notice that this is clearly the case in a number of ways, and that there was a long period of time, when you were growing up, that this thought did not occur, nor would it have made sense at the time; considering so, and the nature of the “impressionable mind” that was “born yesterday” relatively, you may make the following conclusion:

For when we are young, the world much more so causes oneself to be the “reflecting apparatus”, rather than the image that is real. This is what, among other things, that “going through the looking glass” means. This happens when, as youth, we are “impressed upon” by others who have more experience and clearly know better, as we had a lot to learn about life. As we age, and if one actually does “learn”, then over time, the “reflection” (you) becomes the “image”. As we grow older in comparison to the world, and when wiser, recognize the implicit reflective nature of self and reality, then with the determinable parts of our souls, that “act of will”, we may become more “the image” than “the reflection”, much as “the student becomes the master”.


To start really learning “foresight”:

Imagine yourself doing something with simple objects in an environment controlled by you, then do it. Repeat this exercise with objects of increasing complexity and in environments of less direct control until you are master of the universe. Long term patience, integrity, and versatile, general strategies are vital as well. Remember Jesus’s words: “Premeditate not on what you will say.”


I step back in life, learn the cautious path, and push forward. There is always a way through, and if you have to, take it all on and move the whole blessed and crazed and mad arrangement of it all, and push the whole enchilada.

Yes, I must admit, I made an assumption. I assumed that […] and also the thousands of other possibilities, and chose the path that satisfied them all. <3

And so I went forward, again and again, in confidence. And used that illusion, illusions, to, well, here ya go.


When I see all these “non-binary people with pink hair yelling in everyone’s faces”, I think, “Wow. That escalated quickly.”


It’s less that the so-called “reflective nature of life” is a subject/object dichotomy in the Cartesian sense, but moreso that one’s “attitude toward life” is shown in the world about you, more akin to “karmic consequence”. In the reverse manner that our bodies and brains do much without our intention, we do by an inverse manner, intend, but with less control the further away the portion of the world that one is focused upon.


The danger of digital centralization, and social media in particular:

Question: What is the difference between talking to a blank wall and talking to a camera and posting the video online?

Answer: The video takes longer.

Okay, joking aside: the only real difference is the feedback you get. Could online feedback be fabricated? Yes. How then could you even be sure that anyone is watching or listening? You would have to speak to people in the real world, who will, presumably, confirm that they saw it and that they did, indeed, comment, or “like”, or “share” it. This could very well be happening already. Perhaps to many different people.

Think about it this way: What would be easier? To give everyone in the world “15 minutes of fame” or to make everyone think they got it? Like in “Total Recall”: “Why go to all the trouble of a vacation to Mars when you can have the whole experience from the comfort of your own home?”

If you aren’t careful, “they” can, and will, “remember it for you, wholesale”.


It is important that we maintain, or rather “return to”, a division between the real and the fake. The digital world is fun fantasy, yes, but having the absurdities and ridiculousness of it determine our real-world interactions is quite a feat of idiocy, and a quick path to hell.

This is not to demean the practical benefits of the virtual world in general, for this is clear in the realms of mass communication, programs for design and fabrication, automation of simple tasks, mathematical calculations, and on and on. The trouble comes when “the machines”, the “virtual”, seeks to usurp “the real”. We see this in practice now; for example, the wearing of masks, in real life, drives the individual to find humanity elsewhere. And wouldn’t you know it? You can find people in the virtual, on youtube, on facebook, on television, etc. : “… a land of make-believe that does not believe in me…”


If your mind is stuck on “overdrive”, then keep on driving.

If your mouth is dry, drink something.


Remember what we’re fighting for:

We’re fighting so that no one ever gets bankrupted for having an illness or getting a higher education.

So that we can open businesses, and buy and sell as we see fit.

So that our children have access to a good education, and are free of psychological abuse, social engineering, and dehumanization.

So that we can speak, pray, and report about what we wish, with whom we wish, where we wish it.

So that merit, talent, and hard work are rewarded in our lives, rather than criminality and sociopathy.

So that our elected representatives are chosen fairly, actually represent us, and that they are free to craft and repeal laws without pressure or influence from questionable organizations.

So that we are told the truth about what is happening in our world, and are not beholden to liars and deceivers on exclusive stages warping the minds and spirits of millions of our brothers and sisters.

So that we have personal sovereignty, the right to control what we put in our bodies, and the right to grow what we wish on our own land.

So that our government acts as an impartial referee in business relations, and does not favor one company over another, through excessive regulation or collusion with monopolistic practices.

So that we may be free of unjust laws, the enforcement of which have unduly imprisoned tens of millions and laid ruin to families for generations.

This is unacceptable and ought to be remedied.


Certain issues have arisen physically that are keeping me from getting out into the cities and engaging as I would prefer. My body’s response to my intentions: “We are experiencing technical difficulties. We will return to your regularly scheduled programming soon. Please accept our apologies for the interruption.”

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