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Update on the State of My World and Where It May Interact with Yours

In the last week, I have fortunately experienced my mind “de-tangling” itself. This is after a pressure had been building for some while, that culminated in what one might call a “God-smack”. It literally looked like I had been socked in the face with a right hook by Mike Tyson.

I can tell you folks, after experiencing this, that God is very real, and so is Hell. I got a taste of it, and I gotta tell you Dewey, “You don’t want none of this.” Trust me here folks. There are certain angles of intellectual pursuit that are to be greatly avoided. Some of the modern takes on spiritual and mental clarity, and attempts at “seeing through the illusion” of the modern world, are to be pursued with great caution. It is best not to go into further detail.

And also, that alcohol will only get you so far, before it truly poisons your mind. For those of you with a curious penchant, intellectual pride, and strong trains of thought, there are dangers more real than you could ever believe. I have been humbled by this experience.

This last week has been a time of great reflection and re-appraisal, not only of my own life (you might call this a “mid-life crisis”), but also of my thoughts on greater issues affecting all of us. I have said in a previous essay that my opinions on much that I had such conviction were in great flux. They were, and some of them still are. To establish a better and more accurate perception of reality, sometimes it is necessary to question your deeply-held convictions. This I have done, and am doing.

Considering so, my thoughts on the virus panic, the election, and the state of world affairs are thus:

It would appear that not a whole lot has changed. It was in regard to the particular incidence previously expounded upon that my thoughts were altered. And it is mostly in regard to that, that my thoughts have changed: the incidence in question, pretty much on its own.

The “color” through which I had viewed the events since, appears to have been, in most cases, justified, on a system-wide scale.

My own experience of the homeless population in Washington D.C., over the course of 2 1/2 months, during the supposed “surge” of the virus, has not changed. Again, they were doing just as well as they ever were, even when the city ordered all public bathrooms to close. Next time, oh deceivers, make sure that you bribe the homeless population to “act sick”, when you want to panic the whole population over a mostly harmless virus.

Of course, this lends to the conclusion that there is much, much more going on with this whole situation than we are being led to believe, and that we are being lied to, and much of the “medical theatre” to which we have been subject, is exactly that. If there is anything that we can agree on as a people, across the whole variety of political, medical, economic opinion, it is: there is much more going on that we are not being told.

The spiritual implications, as I mentioned before, appear to be, on the whole, a kind of “large-scale divine justice”. The whole situation carries similar notes to that of biblical accounts of Israel, following times of “falling away from God”. Many prophets have mentioned this in the last year, and they are not wrong. (Also, the rise of prophets, in general, is a phenomenon that was documented in the Bible, as well as in other sources, during times of great strife in the past. Today is no exception.)

Returning to the virus panic: part and parcel of this attack on humanity, is not only the biological aspect, but also that of paranoia. The fear is used on everyone, regardless of what you think is really going on. Those that believe the virus is terribly virulent and deadly, regardless of the reality of that, are afflicted with a paranoia, a fear, of their fellow man that is clearly debilitating and harmful, far beyond the face-value danger of the pathogen itself. Conversely and in addition, as I have experienced, believing the pathogen is not a big deal, comes with a great fear and paranoia of the authorities, which is clearly debilitating and harmful. In both of these situations, there is legitimate reason to be cautious, but the one does not justify a whole-sale stripping of our constitutional rights, nor does the other justify an absolute war on “authority”. (Although it leans toward the latter.)

The “reckoning” of this whole situation, the swings and shifts of the population, our pushes and pulls, at all levels, become personal. It is a judgement, that shall reward those who endure. At that, those who have rejected the blessing of life itself, and took it for granted, and took the blessings of our nation for granted, are finding that those blessings may indeed be stripped of them, and stripped of us, that each of our true selves lay bare before this judgement.

In regard to the election, it is quite clear that the whole thing was stolen. The blatant criminality is exactly that: obvious and brazen. There is, and has been, indeed, a treasonous element within our government, that has worked with foreign elements and malicious entities, ultimately for the purpose of destroying the constitution and controlling the population. This has been documented, and has been getting worse and worse for decades. Myself and millions of others have been screaming about this for a very long time. Exit polling has always been the first indicator of who won any election, until some years back, when, one by one, the “news organizations” (which, again, have been lying to the American people, and the world, increasingly, for decades) quit doing them. The reason they did this is not because, “Oh, we have machines now, and they work perfect, and there’s no reason to do it anymore,” but rather, because the exit polls help to expose the fraud itself. This is a communist tactic, in tandem with suppression of political thought itself, that leads to wanton criminality, illegitimate rule, and tyranny. Far too many unscrupulous individuals have signed up to this coup, knowingly, in addition to many who drank (or even “injected”) the koolaid of cynicism, self-hatred, and hatred of their country, that has been slowly dripped into the collective consciousness through the fake media, malicious entertainment, and public education indoctrination.

It is quite clear that, in the popularity contest that is the presidential election, President Trump won. This is obvious when you look at the campaign, and the number of people who came to his rallies, and those that went to Biden’s, in addition to dozens of other indicators. It’s not even a contest. I suspect that the “polls” that showed Biden in the lead, prior to November 3rd, were instructions to the criminals perpetrating the fraud, to arrange the mail-in ballot count to the polls as indicated in each state. In such a manner, they would ensure that the surge of Trump voters on that day would reach the level of “a contest”, that could thereby be further gamed during the counting that night, to maintain the illusion that the country was fully polarized, and that the margin of victory, in many states, was slim, when it clearly should not have even been close.

In addition, those out there that DID vote for Biden, were clearly not voting “for” him, but were rather voting “against” Trump. “Trump derangement syndrome” is real, and the fake news media is responsible for the warping of reality that has so poisoned many peoples’ minds. Regardless where it came from, every one of those “Biden votes” were based on lies, told by verified, professional deceivers. And the reason they voted so (since they clearly aren’t paying attention to even the surface level political reality), comes down to “hate”. Ought one to be rewarded for “hate”? I think not.
And if some people voted against him, simply because they did not want to hear the constant drumbeat of garbage that the media has put upon the president these last 4 years, does the conclusion not then arise that the media is, indeed, little more than lying trash that needs their own reckoning?

No matter how you slice it, the conclusion is the same. At this point in my life, during this crisis, during our collective crisis, a re-evaluation is vital. I also consider it additional evidence for the validity of my conclusions, that I might find an error in their progenation, and yet find, upon re-evaluation, the same results. The programming is solid over here.

And again, “all that is hidden shall be revealed.” Personally, I don’t mind putting my thoughts out there on this and many other subjects, including personal issues, because at some point in my life, it may well become a public issue. So I might as well be honest. And hopefully this will encourage others to do something similar, in their own ways.


– G


P.S. I have removed two recent posts, not because they are no longer valid or anything like that, but because I would rather not dwell on them.

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