"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

The Swing-back of the Democratic Pendulum

For all the fine folks out there on “the Left”: the liberals, the bleeding hearts, the compassionate, the warm, the empathetic, the trusting, the considerate:

This is not a war on you.

The individualists, the conservatives, those of faith, wage not a war upon you, for rather, we are your “right hand”, and the true enemy stands before us.

Your fellow Americans have been landing jabs, striking blows against this common enemy. You may have seen a haymaker brewing up. It looks scary, but fear not, for it is not aimed at you.

Let the “right hand” lead.

It is okay for you to stand back, prepare yourselves for your later collective destinies, and fight those battles in the future, as you have fought righteous battles in the past.

Trust me, trust US.

We have “them” on the ropes, on the run.

We have the playbook for victory.

Believe me, I wrote some of it.

Let us lead.


Trust me, trust US.

Trust our America, the United States of America, as we make it the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, again.

The pendulum is ready to swing back hard.

It is aimed straight at the devil himself.

Best to clear out of the way.

If you are within an abusive system, wherever it be or however its structure, if you haven’t done anything too terrible and can accept some reflection and momentary deference, you’re all good. Step aside and point out the worst actors. That is who we are after.

There are aspects of humanity that are not to be abused, ever. And it’s time to take care of business.

If you don’t move out of the way, you shall be moved. In more ways than one.

Trust us, trust yourselves, trust your fellow Americans.

It is time to listen to the conservatives, to those of faith, and a host of once so-called “conspiracy theorists”, many of whom predicted these very attacks on America, on the world, decades ago, and speak of them now.

Let us do our job. Help us do our job.

And you will come out a winner too.

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