"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Orlando’s Lament

I have bad news for everyone.

This is going to keep happening.

It is not “the gun” that did it.

Sensible gun policy is common sense but a mere band-aid.

The perpetrator is a product of our society.

And our society is anti-intelligence, anti-prosperity, and anti-life.

Our society values numbers on a computer over health and well-being.

Our society values dogs and cats over homeless people. (Is this humane?)

Our society values stability over prosperity. (We cannot afford to raise the minimum wage?)

Our society values cardboard boxes over wooden crates. (Products are cheap.)

Our society values advertisements over products. (How big is the budget?)

Our society values fantasy over reality. (To what do we daily look forward?)

Our society values professional con-artists over real people. (Those talking heads are experts?)

Our society values the right to hate over the want to love. (No law for Pursuit of Happiness.)

Our society values slaves over free agents. (Threatened with destitution, they follow orders.)

Our society values sentiment over action. (No batteries required.)

Our society values consumption over work. (Consume four gallons of gas/day for this?)

Our society values shame over pride. (Much easier for politicians to fake.)

Terror is not constrained to any ethnicity, race, or creed. (Who needs to be scared today?)

It is no surprise that another mass-murder has occurred.

The only surprise is that it does not happen more often.

We are all under attack, in every way.

The perpetrator was a product of our society.

He was the lesser enemy, same as the other killer, and the other, and the other.

Who benefits from this whole charade?

Who perpetuates this sick society?

Who the fuck is in charge around here?

Who has been in charge?

It can only be the greater enemy.

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