"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Issues of Importance (Update Aug. 11th)

At Issue:

First, of great concern, is the communist/fascist/globalist/technocratic threat, that has now openly attacked the free world and particularly the United States. This is a plan long in the making, and we can see through how much effort that these literal traitors to the human race, have expended in order to attempt this attack.

There are so many parts to this plan, that simply the act of putting together all the pieces, even only part of the story, is enough to nearly drive you mad. Keep in mind folks, this is not for the faint of heart, and many of your long-held illusions are about to be dispelled, if they have not been already.

So, points of note:

1. Masks

Forcing everyone to wear a mask to avoid, in 99% of cases, a minor cold, is not only ridiculous and humiliating, it is also legislating harm upon everyone. (In most cases, this is not “legislation”, they are dictates. This is an important distinction.)

You’re going to get sicker and you are going to reduce your oxygen intake and carbon dioxide exhalation. Besides immediate and obvious effects, like headaches, over time, this will have an effect on your brain particularly, and reduce your cognitive function, perhaps unbeknownced to you, at that.

The masks are also vital for the twisted BLM/antifa/terrorist portion of this plot as well, as it allows them to blend in with crowds and hide themselves from justified reprisal for their violence.

These dictates need to end immediately, everywhere.

Remember that the people (health bureaucrats, mayors, governors, police chiefs, etc.) who impose mandates like this (and especially that of the next point), are the ones that need to provide proof of claim, namely, that the masks do anything to help (which they don’t), and that there actually is a virus ravaging the world that “has no cure” (except of course, the experimental vaccine that changes your DNA, will certainly sterilize you, and will riddle you with cancers within a couple years). If they refuse to provide proof of claim (since there isn’t any real evidence, it’s statistical chicanery and highly-coordinated deception and fraud), and you provide the counter-case (and there is a MOUNTAIN of documented fraud going on, including outright murder, like what the governor of New York did), and if they still refuse to suspend their unconstitutional dictates, they have just identified themselves as a traitor. The Federal Government is fully within its duty to protect our constitutional rights by arresting them immediately, and charging them with treason (colluding with a foreign enemy) and crimes against humanity.

2. House Arrest and Social Isolation

This goes FAR beyond “the legislation of harm”. This is a horrific tactic that, not even considering anything else, is literally torture.

Those with a family or companion will find this less of a problem (though domestic violence and child abuse may increase), but if you live alone and require the slightest need for actual human contact, it is tremendously ruinous. It’s about the worst thing there is for physical and mental health. Applied and enforced across a society, the consequences, over time, would be exponentially-increasing rates of drug abuse, psychosis, and eventually suicide. And that’s the whole point of the “new normal”. Let that sink in.

It reminds me of the title of a television show I noticed in an advertisement, “Misery Index”. Across a society, with access to the right data (likely electronic), this can literally be statistically determined, perhaps even moment by moment. I can’t say, in particular, what this show was about because I was not about to dive into that, and I would warn away anyone, especially if feeling troubled. Same story with a few others in the last year, “Evil” and “Killing Eve” come to mind.

Oh, but wait, you say, we’re not totally isolated, we can talk over the phone and on the internet, right? Technically yes, but remember that much of the internet is controlled, filled with bots and shills, and the major sites are massive, multi-billion dollar international corporations run by unaccountable psychopaths that literally censor your speech, determine what you read, see, and hear, and barely hold loyalty to any NATION. How much do you suppose they care about your personal well-being?

(Sidenote: The tactic of house arrest, except in the case of participating in “protests”, which have increasingly become “rioting and looting”, encourages that very thing. When the people are forbidden to go to flipping church, hang out on the beach, have some drinks in the bar with friends, yet encouraged to loot and riot in the streets, that is what you are going to get. Which is, again, the whole point.)

Which brings us to our next point…

3. Fake News

The absolutely astonishing proliferation of endless garbage, gaslighting, obfuscation, and downright sinister deception of the mainstream media has now become blatantly criminal. Those who operate these companies, and perpetuate these mountains of lies, and have been doing so for years, and we know who they are all the clearer, can now be openly charged with treason and crimes against humanity and immediately arrested.

On social media, algorithms have been weaponized across all users, using all the personal information you have provided over the years, running on supercomputers, using psychological warfare techniques, the results of B.F. Skinner’s and a cadre of Nazi scientists’ cruel experiments. These systems have been rewarding discord, cruelty, indifference, intolerance, racism, sexism, and everything in between. Sincerity, above all, is attacked. This has been going on for years, and was getting worse still. (The way it works is that, for instance, on Facebook, the content of the message you write or the picture or video, skews toward the feeds of people who are active cynics. Most of them were abused themselves, and thus perpetuate it, knowingly or unknowingly. This has been a long-game objective, modeled on real-world imposition in cults, to be more further addressed.)

This builds upon a previous trope: looking back further, on television sitcoms, we all grew up watching the dysfunctional family, laughing and joking and poking fun at each other. It seemed quite innocent at the time, but perhaps now we can see what the plan was all along: for us to model ourselves based on unhealthy relationships. This initially innocuous tendency has gotten worse and worse over time, and has only increased its range and diversity of tactics. The basics of film theory are helpful to understand how this works.

4. Healing Wounds

A major, tremendously insidious portion of the international, intergenerational scam going on here, is the imposition of systems of abuse in schools, churches, governmental agencies, and work places. This has been slowly, and increasingly, imposed upon us over many decades.

In order for the scam to work, not everyone needs to be in on it. In order for the abusers to gain control, they do not need everyone intentionally causing harm in their name. They created systems, work environments, etc., that are toxic to healthy interaction.

Many of the jobs we have had these last couple decades, have become increasingly little more than busywork, where you’re not really doing anything important, and your heart knows it. So often, competence in these environments was actively discouraged and getting ahead meant using subterfuge to undercut someone else in an appealing position. The buildings, over the years, have gotten progressively more cold, empty, and devoid of life. This slow imposition is mostly imperceptible to our daily mindset.

This speaks to the use of slow and subtle abuse that we have all experienced. The cult, at some of its most insidious, has used this tactic in every way imaginable, and done their utmost to reward and impose passive aggression on everyone. Not just the abuse itself, but planting the seed of that abuse upon as many as possible.

Because, here’s the thing: if they can get you to betray your principles, then you just joined the “hierarchy of negativity”: whether invited or blackmailed or rewarded. If you said to yourself after you’d been abused, “well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” mentality, then you just did. It is through the imposition of these slow burn tactics, that way too many of people have gotten into forcing control on others’ lives, dictating what you do, where you go, what to dress like, etc., 99% because they have had such things imposed upon them, daily, for decades.

To beat this, and win a war that began more than 100 years ago, we have to see through the machinery of these insidious social engineers.

5. Ideology

To call this attempted takeover “communist” or “socialist” or “anarchist”, is actually giving those perpetrating these scams too much credit. There is nothing about what’s happening that has anything to do with empowering the working class. I have read Marx, and his ideology, like many others used by this same cabal in the last 100 years, is what you could call the psychological “vehicle” used to gain power over the masses.

Once one cuts through the layers and layers of deceptive noise, this is a naked power grab. A quote attributed to Mao states, “Power comes at the barrel of a gun.” This translates to straight extortion, to slavery. It has nothing to do with empowering any group or class, but to gain power over all groups and all classes and all religions, and force them into one group, one class, a “one ring to rule them all”, like running a lawn mower over all us “leaves of grass.” See the Kurt Vonnegut short story, “Harrison Bergeron”.

After spending much of my adult life examining different economic systems in order to find some solution to the problems that were plaguing my generation, I have found, and witnessed, that the best way to empower the working class is to allow them to create their own businesses.

Thus, the shutdown of small businesses and the havoc wreaked on the middle class is beyond criminal, and is an all out attack ON the working class, on all classes, on all religions. The claims made by the mass psychological manipulators are exactly backwards. Everything we are witnessing is an inversion, an upside-down world, of what is actually beneficial for humanity.

Ever since I was about 12 years old, I had wondered why there was so much darkness in the world. It seemed so ubiquitous. It was palpable, I could feel it, sense it, no matter where I was. Was it in the water? In the air? Where was this coming from? I proceeded to investigate, one by one, all of the possibilities: is it government, economy, religion, bureaucracy, technology? Is it in the basic nature of humanity?

The answer turns out, when you climb to the top of just about any of these man-made hierarchies to the top of the pyramid, you find that it reeks of negativity. And really, it’s just a tiny group of psychopaths pushing all the narratives and sending their orders down their abusive chain of command.

And that’s really all it is: we all get squashed, abused, demoralized, and the most powerful tighten their grip. With the technology we have today, this can be especially devastating to society.

Fortunately, we have seen many of these tactics before, more people are waking up to this naked power grab every day, and people are not complying with the tyrannical dictates anymore. We stand up for ourselves, our friends, family, and community, and we will win this. In fact, WE ARE WINNING. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Courage is becoming more contagious than fear. Go out and catch it.


As many of us in the United States and across the world have been slowly, multi-generationally propagandized to follow orders from “authorities”, whether just or unjust; here are your orders, coming from the founding fathers, your countrymen, and myself:

Read The Constitution.

Read The Declaration of Independence.

Live by them.

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