"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

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This is absolute bullshit. Do you realize what you’re doing? The “virus” has been around since the fall. The numbers are being manipulated to justify taking away, wholesale, whatever rights we have left, that weren’t taken in the last 20 years through 9/11 hysteria, and the war “of” terror. Even if you give all benefit of the doubt to the official numbers: Last Wednesday, there had been, as Trump said, a total of 1.87 million tests, total, given in the U.S. At that time, there were 400,000 positive cases, meaning that ~20% of the population already has, or had it. Add to which, at that time, 13,000 people had died of the virus, which means, if even if everyone who died “of” the virus (and Dr. Birx admitted that everyone who died “with” it, has been marked as dying “of” it), that is still only a whopping, civilization destroying *+9%* increase in the background national death rate of ~46,000 per week.

Wake up! We are all being lied to, wholesale, from a small group of psychopaths at the highest positions of wealth and power. Stand up for the constitutional rights that you swore an oath to uphold! The founders DID NOT PUT ANY QUALIFICATIONS ON THEM!
And for good blessed reason.

Garret C. Tufte, PLS



We are experiencing medical fascism, and a culmination of the astonishing abuse the medical-industrial complex has been waging against the good people of this world for decades. Do not be deceived, and do not feel ashamed that you have fallen for this, as the deception has been perpetrated upon billions of people. Fauci is simply the most recent mouthpiece for a system which has been sickening, robbing, and killing us in myriad ways, again. Please listen and take notes, if necessary, on President Eisenhower’s farewell address to the American people in 1960.

Here is a short list of examples of medical malpractice in the modern era. Look them up for yourself:

The 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. Is medical “error”.

Doctors in the 90s used a fraudulent study to push against “second-hand smoking”, claiming that up to 50,000 per year die as a result. This is absurd on its face, as the pollution from car exhaust, alone, is, with no exaggeration, a million times more prevalent in the air we breathe than tobacco smoke. The myopia this forced on people is a clear indication of how these deceptions work.

Excessive vaccination is responsible for tremendous problems all over the world. The “hpv” vaccine, in particular, was banned by the governments of Columbia, Japan, Australia, and others after they saw much worse outcomes for their populations than was supposedly averted by it. The Gates foundation, and their associates, were kicked out of India in the last 5 years after it came out that their polio vaccinations had, in fact, paralyzed half a million children. Vaccinations, of just about any and all sort, on African children, was found to increase their likelihood of death by 500%.

Advertisements for “medicine” are legal in only two countries: The US and New Zealand. The list of side effects on nearly every marketed drug is worse than the intended benefit. Watch commercials with open eyes to see what they are doing. Advertising, in general, is literally, full on lies. See this for what it is please.

Okay, that’s enough for now. May you be healthy, safe, and free.

Garret C. Tufte



Now we know who the real criminals are, for those who perpetuate the global fraud are the criminals. We know now who they are through the imposition of this fraud. They are being arrested and tried for crimes against humanity and treason against the United States and the Free People of the World. Full stop.

 I heard it said in the media that Lady Gaga was having nightmares. I can explain to her and I can heal her, “exorcise the demons!”, so to speak…

I just got back from fasting in the woods for 13 days and found myself reading the old Testament.
From Genesis to Malachi, front to back, and witnessed and participated with miracles from 6/27 – 7/10.
The stars are in motion. God is coming with reinforcements.
He helps us all more when we stand up for our freedom and liberty, as his greatest sons and daughters, Nature’s most gifted offspring (ONspring)
I have had issues with the Republican party in the past, minor compared to what we are facing now. America is under existential threat. We need to open businesses and quit listening and complying with astoundingly nonsensical medical ridiculousness. All the people of our nation, black, white, red, brown, are under attack. We need to adhere to the constitution, our god-given rights, our personal autonomy, sovereignty, big time, right now.
Stand up for your rights, stand up for truth, stand against censorship, and any and all curtailments.
Stand strong, trust in yourself, your friends, your family, your community.
This is the dicey birthpangs of a better world for us all, but it apparently does not come without trouble.
Much love, take care of yourselves and all you love.
Much more to be said and discerned…
– G
Also, quick reminder, that bernie Sanders and the entirety of the DNC establishment is and has been publicly exposed to be a massive fraud, right around the time of the virus panic beginning. Many if not most bernie supporters publicly denounced him and the whole system after the super tuesday flop/fraud.
I was a supporter until then, was part and parcel to the shop talk of passive-aggressive abusers and control freaks ( who gain their power through “covert” means).
Can confirm, eye witness, personally, the abuse, indoctrination, conditioning, of the so-called progressive left.
Much to be said…
– G
There are astounding research by Nazi scientists being used against the free people.
We need to know and expose the tactics abusing social engineering.
The people (scum) who promote and demand torture and abuse shall be brought to task.
Quick question to the “elite”: would you prefer to be the leader of free people, or would you like to be a slave master?
We yet grapple with the externality of this quandary…
Yet, the answer is easy.

On an unrelated note:

I would not recommend anyone send their kids back to school until the new wireless technology is removed or disabled. There have been no safety studies for it, it is being pushed by unaccountable, international corporations that we now know we cannot trust, and it could even be a Trojan Horse weapon. Israel recently banned wifi in all of their schools. The United States, and all countries that want to protect their people and their kids, ought best to follow suit.


An Update Regarding “A New Economic”:

Concerning recent developments, “Step 3: Reconciliation” should be qualified with tangible, thereby circumventing the tremendously damaging potential for absolute tyranny that comes with a digital currency. It should now read so: “In a new, tangible currency, all former owners are paid the appraised value of each property.”

Also concerning the plan in its entirety, there may be a way to achieve the stated goals, as seen in the chart, without such sudden shocks to the system that immediate imposition of the steps would create. There may be a better, smoother way to do this. The three “steps”, too, may be seen as goals, of a sort. The best way to achieve a better world, with more freedom and justice, may involve slightly different methods than that which I have previously articulated. In the last few months of studies, much important information has come to light. Please forgive my naivety and ignorance, where I have been previously blind. I hope that this update reflects that sentiment.

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