"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Concerning the Virus Panic

Chronicles, May 2020


So… I will do my best to explain every point made here, such that there will be no doubt as to how these phenomena originated, and where they are going. If you simply want to know the gist, then skip the parentheticals.

First off, I should like to say, that you may have noticed that I rarely write directly on specific matters of social, political, and economic nature. This is because:

1. The “news of the day” or the week, or the month, is mostly covered by other sources, and my opinion on such things can readily be determined, like a mathematical derivation, by anyone who has really been paying attention to my efforts.

2. I much prefer to analyze systems, or “the system”. Much of what is said to happen on a regular basis, and the analysis of such, as the ear is to the ground, as I read and listen to “the news” on the regular, is, to my mind, “data”, “stories”, and “narratives” that contribute to a greater theory on the fundamental workings of the whole.

That being said, the present virus panic is so unprecedented, so all-encompassing, so insane, that damn near any “theory” on the more total workings of the system, as accurate and truthful as it may be, pales in comparison to the “primacy of this now”. We have gone through the looking glass, into an immediate, fundamental, existential crisis. As if we had not enough crises already.

It would appear that the “powers that be” have concocted their greatest scam yet.

(A short list of documented previous scams, not nearly exhaustive, made by the same people/companies who are presently pushing this one:

1. The sinking of the USS Maine, false flag to get the USA into the Spanish-American War in 1896. This was especially crafted by William Randolph Hearst, during a period called by modern scholars as “yellow journalism”. Coincident with the height of power of the “robber barons” of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt.

2. The “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, where a US gunboat was said to have been fired upon by the North Vietnamese regime around 1967, thereby escalating the War in Vietnam. A total fabrication that served to advance the interests of the US empire and its allies.

3. 9/11/2001: The World Trade Center was attacked with hijacked airliners. WTC 7 was not hit by a plane, and yet astoundingly crumbled to dust at free-fall speed, breaking the most basic laws of Newtonian physics. The owner, Larry Silverstein, said that “they made the decision to pull it”, meaning controlled demolition. This required the participation of private parties and rogue government agencies at a very high level, along with the willful ignorance/complicity of vast swathes of mass media. The “official explanation” of the event defied all logic and was the catalyst for 20 years of the eradication of personal liberties, nonsensical and humiliating “security theater”, the invasion of Afghanistan under false pretenses (the highest of war crimes), countless acts of cruelty, brutality, carnage, and literal torture. This is still ongoing today, accepted and promoted by political actors of all stripes, at all levels of bureaucracy, media, law enforcement, and in the public eye. This was the greatest mass psychological/social/spiritual/logical assault on humanity in history. Until now.

4. The Invasion of Iraq: In 2003, despite the testimony of UN weapons inspectors (see Scott Ritter’s testimony) the US military intelligence apparatus nontheless claimed, on specious grounds, that the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was building weapons of mass destruction, and was shortly to unleash them upon the the people of the United States and the world. What came after was termed a “pre-emptive strike”, or more accurately termed, a “war of aggression” on the country. The US military still refuses to leave the country to this day.

5. Contributing to the war in Syria (the US supported and supplied ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other “moderate rebels” against the Syrian government, while falsifying evidence of chemical attacks by the regime (see “The Greyzone”s coverage).

Okay, I think you get the picture of the tip of the “war propaganda” iceberg. This is a tiny sample of the lies and obfuscations permeating our collective senses; seeded, cultivated, harvested, cooked, crafted, and served by the most sophisticated propaganda machine ever to grace the present era of written human history. Nearly everyone, and every institution, involved in every one of these deceptions, is presently working, 100%, in lockstep to promote and promulgate this virus panic. These people, these systems, are absolutely, beyond any shadow of a doubt, verified, certified, quantified LIARS of the highest order.

I know it, you know it, the American people know it. Why then do we yet “trust” these institutions? Why is it that they, you, we, yet continue to give them such credence as to not only influence our perception of the greater, unseen world, but to alter our perception of the very world we do see? There are no more staggering, coughing, sickly people about than yesterday. This is evident, across the board.

What about the homeless population in major cities? How are they faring? I, for one, have witnessed and interacted with many of them in the D.C. area for the last two months straight. This is, literally, the portion of the population most susceptible to disease, for they lack basic food, water, shelter, and sanitation. They can’t close themselves off from contact with others, and there are hardly even any public bathrooms for them to use. And yet… they live and die the same as ever, from my own observations and that of others.)

The buildup has been absolutely incredible.

(Another angle on the unrelenting assault on our logic began with an attack on the basics of Newtonian physics: 60 years ago, President Kennedy’s head snapped backward, after supposedly being shot from that direction. 20 years ago, another deceptive attack on Newtonian physics: the fall of WTC 7, mentioned above. Then, 10+ years ago, a deceptive attack on basic logic, in the realm of vaccines: that *everyone* must be vaccinated in order for vaccination to work at all: a fallacy, in that if they worked, one would be protected from the subject illness if vaccinated, thereby absolving the necessity for any others to do so. The same anti-concept has been used to justify the wearing the face masks in this present virus panic, for, if wearing a mask stops transmission, then for anyone worried about contracting the virus who wears one, need not require anyone else to wear one. The pattern here is that, little by little, our basic common sense, our fundamental logic, is being destroyed, through the dictates of bureaucracy, hierarchy, and media manipulation. The next step, as Orwell forewarned, is the imposition of the test 2 + 2 = 5: the total subversion of our logical faculties to the dictates of “authority”. For that matter, it was not more than a couple years back that the educational regimen called “common core” instituted new guidelines for teaching mathematics. For your own mental health, avoid “common core” like the plague. Pun intended.)

I was wondering, in some sense, exactly how the so-called “elite” were next going to abuse their powers over the masses, but here we are.

(The assault on our basic sensibilities has gotten worse and worse. When I was younger, I often wondered what all the fuss was about: rough language in rap, violence in video games, blood and guts in the movies. It did not seem that crazy to me at the time. It took until I was in my mid-twenties before I realized that I had had enough of the blood and guts, enough of the horror peddled by “celluloid dreams”. I figure that others realize the same, and that what may be deemed so, on the surface, “obscene”, is a means to an end, that will ultimately lead one to see through and beyond the illusion of the screen itself. I have faith that this is the case for others. The deprivation that comes with the illusion that explicitly denotes itself fiction, is much less a problem than the deprivation that comes with the illusion that espouses to be truth.)

The lies and misinformation, the sheer propaganda is off the charts.

The previous chart was framed by the completely fraudulent “War on Terror” (War OF Terror:

Which eclipsed the previous “War on Drugs” (War on DRUG USERS:

Which eclipsed the previous “War on Poverty” (War on THE POOR:

We have what is now the equivalent of “medical martial law”, in this country, and across the world.

This is the largest simultaneous social “event” in all of official recorded history.

The socio-psychological ramifications of this, unless arrested by mass disobedience or some outside force, will fundamentally alter our lives. So much so, that we will become, compared to our former selves, little more than unthinking, unfeeling zombies. The richness, the beauty and horror of life, the wonder of creation, of art, of music, of dance, of taste, of sense, of love, of everything that actually makes life worth living, inverts upon itself, and becomes socially reprehensible. It is already happening.

(A stroll through the park has now become an exercise in masochism for those of us who retain a mind to remember the days when people were free to congregate and speak and touch and love. Now they roam with determined indifference, with mouths muzzled, ears plugged, mistrust run rampant…)

I feel an especial connection to the whole charade, being born in the auspicious year of 1984, while, like many millions of others, warning of this very coming further curtailment of our liberties, this very assault on our humanity.

To address these problems, I am speaking, making art, and simply “being” in Washington D.C., in the park just North of the White House, in the afternoon most days. If you are nearby, come help me make a scene, and turn this astonishing madness into a “masterpiece of reasoned compassion”.



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