"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

A Note Concerning President Trump

Our president did more to benefit the American people, on his first day in office, than all three former presidents combined. Amid all of the fervor, I thought at the time that this must have been some random confluence, some accident, some fluke. It was not. He is the real deal.

At the same time, refusing the “Trans-Pacific Partnership”, wasn’t necessarily doing something beneficial, per se. Rather, the President “prevented further causation of harm”. Which, when considering the last three presidents’ actions, relatively, such a thing is akin to parting the Red Sea.

Further, in the time since, once I gained immunity to fake news and could read through the lines, it turns out that he has done other incredible work, most of it buried beneath mountains of mainstream lies, of course. He could walk off into the sunset today and would be remembered by real historians as a great defender of our nation. Thank you Mr. President.

Now, however, he cannot do it alone. We need to stand up for ourselves and our constitutional rights against all foreign and domestic attacks, every day. And if you do not believe the very foundations of our country are under attack, you need to wake up. This is World War III, and it’s 90% psychological.

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