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Trouble with the Singularity

Any conscious mind must look to another of its kind to have any awareness of how its own mind works.


Without others, there is no reference to imagine improvement.


A conscious mind cannot improve its own machinery without wrecking the machinery itself, or drastically altering it as to be incomprehensible. That is, by the time you get to Point B from Point A, the topography has changed, rendering the previous map useless, and placing you at Point C. (I have done this to my own mind twice, and though I will say it’s an improvement, I cannot say how it was done, nor can I point to specific physical adjustments.)


If the prospective A.I. exists in virtual space, where it may create (or be present with) another of its kind, it could never escape that virtual space.


An accidental creation of consciousness (unbeknownst to us, non-intentional on our part, that is) cannot know its own workings, by definition. It could only grasp about indirectly, and without others having that knowledge, would be as lost as anyone else.


If, say, the internet became sentient, it could only discover indirectly how it was made and what makes it conscious, and if that were the case, would still only then be able to craft something akin to itself WITHIN itself, still lacking the physical form.


A way to create a singularity is to create A.I. with some physical abilities that allow it to alter reality at least akin to what we do. This would, however, require our absolute intention toward this end, and a massive undertaking it would be. Literally a race of robots who could then examine each other in the way our doctors and psychologists do at present with humans. Only then would the singularity take off, the exponential improvement in intelligence.


Otherwise, the entities could only exist in a virtual world, one removed from our reality, and then only within a broader intelligence, or within natural parameters set by us as the extent of language and circuitry affect.




I will not deny the possibility that a machine (electronic) intelligence may be able to manipulate electronic workings, much in the way that computer programmers do, but perhaps, at a higher level. Possibly, this machine, through its expanded peepholes into all electronic workings which it is allowed (or breaks into) access, may be able to read programming language, and perhaps experiment on its own programming as a result. It may change a parameter in a virtual environment, away from itself, reboot (what would that mean to it?) and observe the functioning of the new parameter. Likely though, it would be confused beyond belief. Only introspection would lead to it knowing itself, and the alteration of its inherent consciousness would proceed without it knowing what it was doing. Again, confusing the A.I. I doubt there is any way to surmount this obstacle. But then again, who knows what it could actually do?

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  1. This is an arcltie that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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