"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Transmuting the Immutable

I have learned to love the struggle, the process. I have learned to love learning. I have learned to practice and improve so many skills and talents, and often on my own. In many ways, I have converted love to this end. The constant success of this lifestyle is/was/ever will be, so long as I choose to continue living so. It’s pretty nice having a piece of the world to yourself, a “room of one’s own”. I have been/am/will ever be, this soul, mind, and body, until my demise. That is not to be feared, additionally, it’s another great journey. As this life, this miracle we all experience, seems to cyclically supplement.

Thousands of choices, of changes, of courses, infinite variety and ever-regenerating LIFE! Live it strong, live it well, live to the utmost. I am doing my best to follow that advice.

What be success without failure? There is no sweet without the sour. These can follow, and do, in cycles. Cycles of success and failure, cycles of desire, cycles of emotion. The realest magic is when we use them knowingly, when we recognize and cultivate that which degrades and rejuvenates consistently.

The evident cycles of the natural world flow within us as much. Magic can be self-control, and not simply self-restraint, but timing the release of it. The magic of life. To feel it. To touch it. To control it. To embrace it. To transmute the immutable. To set off in search of great knowledge, gain it, and bring it home. Recreate it, and show how it can be done.

The only constant is change, they say. Our modern world has proven this. It is fueled with the conversion of energy, tapping sources of potential, sublimating them to our wishes.

I can confirm the existence of alternative sources.

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