"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Tag! There’s Your Line (Putting Evil in its Place)

And so, a thread concludes…

I have retired the tagline “Taking Himself Seriously, So You Don’t Have To”, and replaced it with “Expending His Energy To Promote Your Power.”

I should like to note that I do this immediately after dressing up and participating in a Halloween event in my hometown. Such is, as you may see, a “fitting end” to that tag line, for I was not “taking myself seriously”. (At least for a day.) I think this is what makes Halloween an important holiday, because it lets you step out of character for one day out of the year. If you need a break from your “sober reality”, it can be quite the welcome reprieve. It can also help expose those parts of our lives, imposed or otherwise, that are ridiculous or harmful (or both, as with those horrid, Twilight Zone nightmare Covid masks), and banish them to one day a year, where they belong.

Changing this tag also represents a finish to the alternate (and more important) meaning behind the first tagline: that I took myself seriously, that you may not have to take yourself seriously. This was a consequence, and comment upon, the notable lack of awareness among much of the population to the crafted reality of the world around us: in particular, the more harmful aspects of our authority structures and where they were inevitably leading us. As it has been mentioned by others, there is a certain segment of the American populace that “are not serious people”. Much of this is not necessarily their fault, but a consequence of our public educational system that, in the words of George Carlin, has aimed to create “obedient workers”. Beyond that, the “system” did not care about any other metrics, but only where those metrics may lend to said “obedient workers”. If you were healthy or intelligent or skilled or happy or virtuous or had just about any other positive trait, this was irrelevant. (Add to which treating the population like children has been a favored tactic, and still is, epitomized by much recent “climate change” propaganda.)

Now, the psychological effect on a person who believes otherwise, that is, to put it simply, that the system “cares” about you, is to believe in fantasy. Such results in a person who is “not serious”. And for my purposes in helping to wake up those masses, for the time being, it was necessary to operate within that paradigm. Such that I would “take myself seriously” and carry that water, until that day that others may step up and do so. And it looks like people are.

[I wonder if this may result in the converse; whereby, as others step up to, or “awaken”, to this reality, perhaps my role as a maverick would entail personally becoming a “clown”, in my mind, where it may have been formerly in that of others. The iconoclastic bend, that desire to not “follow the herd” could perhaps do such a thing, if and when “the herd” acts rationally. Or perhaps not, or somewhere in between. A chaotic-good dog chasing a car. Having fun speculating on character…]

To get back to the point: it is quite clear, in fact, that people are waking up to the myriad assaults that “the system” has imposed upon them, for not the least of reasons, being that “the system” has clearly stepped across a hard line, and is frantically scrubbing it with brush and bleach to wipe away what memory of it remains. This won’t work, of course, and we (humanity) are going to win this psychological and spiritual battle in which we are engaged. People have drawn their line, and they’re holding to it.

So, to redraw that line, to conclude a personal paradigm, to wish us yet speedily toward a harmony of individual and society, and to put evil back where it belongs, I simply must say:


“Why So Serious?”




The Mad Maestro

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