"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Preaching to the Street, Part II

What the hell’s the matter with you people?

You are making your own Twilight Zone nightmare!

Unless you’re using spray paint in a closed room, masks do you no good.

All of the scientific studies prove they do nothing against the spread of a virus.

They reduce your oxygen intake, overload your carbon dioxide, provide a perfect petri dish for bacterial infections. They muzzle your speech. They are bad for your teeth. They hide your expressions, your emotions, your beauty. You are going to die sooner than the rest of us. And you look ridiculous.

You’ve followed the orders of liars and con artists, and disregarded all logic: 4th grade biology, high school physics, and college psychology.

By now, we are broaching “groupthink”.

It’s one thing to do it to keep your job, or to go into a store.

You aren’t to blame for that. The liars and psychos are.

They are on the top of the hierarchy of communication, sending their orders down the line.

And they are not going to stop. They can’t be reasoned or bargained with.

This only ends when YOU STOP DOING IT.

Stop it. Period. It’s that simple.


On one level, if you want to do this for yourself, fine. You’re a rube, but hey, you’re not a menace.

However, no one gets to “mandate” a muzzle, and force others to do it. For those of you that are either brain-damaged or severely misinformed about the social contract around here, that’s the official line you don’t cross.

Still, I’m not exactly surprised the “mandates” get put on adults, since it’s not a whole lot different than the increasing abuse that the people have been taking for decades, that has been woefully difficult to organize against, what with counter-intelligence and paid agents and saboteurs and constant psychological manipulation.

But to do this TO KIDS? The scumbags dictating this garbage have gone too far.

I don’t think they even did that during the “Spanish Flu” 100 years ago.

Read the mercurial Fauci’s 2008 paper on that. Conclusion: the vast majority of deaths were caused by bacterial pneumonia, enhanced by excessive mask-wearing. They did this to people back then too.

They cause the panic with fear-mongering fake stories, claim that the muzzle will save you, and in no time, the groupthink takes over. “Oh, it’s because of you not wearing one that we have to do it!”

Nah, homie. First off, you do not have to do it. At all. That phrase is bullshit. It’s a trick. Just because some prominent moron/scumbag says so, doesn’t mean a fucking thing. If you ever spent a day in your life you would know already: pretty much nobody “in charge” is to be trusted outright. Only when you get proof, or you see their point in action, ought they to be believed. Heck, you shouldn’t even necessarily believe me. Use your senses! Trust your instincts!

[Tangent: Oh, you need someone to tell you what to do? Then listen to me, dumbass!]

Second, if they actually worked, you would be protecting yourself by wearing one. No one else needs to. Period. End of story. Same with vaccines. If you’re arguing against that point, well guess what, “you just might be a fucking idiot”. (But certainly a control freak.)

Third, if there was some utility to covering our mouths and noses against disease, then our bodies would have evolved some sort of biological air filter, even over a 10,000 year span, if this was so. (Spoiler alert: WE DID. It’s called nose hairs, mucus membranes, the coughing mechanism, the sneezing mechanism, the structure of the lungs, and the fucking IMMUNE SYSTEM.)

Fourth, this is a classic trick, and it’s been used for eons to command and control ignorant people:

Conman: “You see this rock? This rock protects against tigers.”

Rube: “What? No way.”

Conman: “Do you see any tigers here now?”

Rube: “Ugh no, but they don’t usually come into town-”

Conman: “I rest my case.”

The rube is still unconvinced. But he changes his tune when the conman’s well-dressed partner/shill buys one for 50 bucks… You are the rube, the media is the shill, and the conman is the “deep state psychotic criminal communist monopolist control freak syndicate”. What’s especially funny here, is that, since this all started, even by their own metrics, the “tigers are running rampant”. And then they went from just being tricked and giving away their money voluntarily, to the conman and the partner simply robbing the rube and tying the rock around his neck. By now, however, the conman and his partners built a castle and a moat in the town, and they put their rock around their neck, for show, whenever they go out to speak. They don’t even direct their guards rob people and force it on them; the townspeople do it on their own. There’s even a monthly lottery for the person who “carries his rock the best”. Every once and a while a foreigner would show up, and the people would get terribly afraid. “He doesn’t have a rock on him. We’ll all be eaten by tigers!” They run him out of town, or force a rock around his neck. Meanwhile, the tigers are killing more people than they did before, because the rock is heavy and tigers are fast. Then someone ran away from a tiger, and told others that she did. The lead conman sent his goons, and they beat her up. He decreed the next day, “Do not try to run away from the tigers. You cannot get away from them, they are too fast. Only the rock will protect you.” The people begin to notice that more are dying from the tigers, and they ask their fearless leader. He decrees the next day, “I’m sure you have all heard the news. The tigers are attacking more and more people. They’re getting faster and meaner. This might even be a new kind of tiger!” The townspeople gasp and bewail in horror. “There is only one way to stop them… we all must wear two rocks! Or even three!” The townspeople cheer. “Get your rocks right over here, my friends. All forms of payment accepted!”


At the most basic level, there’s nothing horrible going on today, or yesterday, or last year, that hasn’t been happening for decades. It’s been 90% panic. Psychological manipulation. Fear. One big, fat, giant illusion.

But there is something wrong, isn’t there? Yeah. It’s called corruption. It’s called “regulatory capture”. It’s called a “predatory medical industry”. It’s called a “manipulative public education”. It’s called “subliminal marketing”. It’s called “an organized crime syndicate”. It’s called “selling out your principles for a paycheck”. But mostly, it’s called “liars and scumbags with a lot of money and power, who want more for themselves and less for you”.

Way too many of us got fattened up on Disneyland fantasies, and closed our eyes, ears, and mouths to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Do that when the world is corrupt, and you’ll shut your senses off to reality. And when you’ve got them totally closed, evil will run amok, as it clearly has. What are you gonna do about it now? You’re blind, deaf, and mute! This was decades in the making, and myself and a million others were warning you all about it.

“But no,” you would say, “things are great! Don’t be a downer.”

Nonsense. I saw this garbage coming 100 miles away, and it wasn’t just the endless warnings in art form, the dystopian science-fiction novels and films. It wasn’t just the musicians tapping into the collective zeitgeist. It wasn’t just the talk radio hosts screaming at the top of their lungs. It wasn’t just the social psychologist’s experiments, showing MASSIVE blindspots and societal dangers: Zabruder, Zimbardo, Skinner.  And it wasn’t just the rumors of communist hells half a world away and the last 100 years of war.

It was when the National Institute of Science and Technology went full retard to explain away the controlled demolition of World Trade Center building no. 7, on 9/11, 2001.

There has been no official reckoning on that. At all. A real “whopper”, this thing was. And if we, publicly, as a nation, were willing to throw Newtonian fucking physics out the window for “special interests” (whatever or whoever they were: it. does. not. matter.), then the public is screwed. The nation is fucked. We’ve been living a massive lie for 20 years. I know people will point back to JFK, and that’s legit too, but I was alive when this happened. I saw, just as you all did, the media and government contort itself into a pretzel for years, lie and gaslight the whole world, to adhere to the most dumbed-down Santa Claus, Mother Goose fairytale as immutable, absolute, unassailable truth, 10 minutes after the first plane struck. It was bullshit then, and it’s bullshit now.

Ever since then, to me, it was clear that there was no limit to what “the powers that be” would lie about, and where they could go with this kabuki theatre. And there was no point in believing, really, anything that the clowns on television had to say about events that happen halfway around the world.

You would have hoped that there would be, at least, some adherence to reality, some slight admittance that, “Oh, well, that whole thing was kind of a clusterfuck, and there’s too many interests that got going there.” (IT’S PHYSICS PEOPLE! WHAT. THE. FUCK.)

But clearly, if the National Institute of Science and Technology could be bent over, fucked, and then paraded about, publicly claiming that 2+2 = 5, then we’re dealing with a level of deep-seated, deceptive, control-freak psychopathology that is beyond any of our wildest dreams.

Further, the summarily “forced retardation” of the press, academia, industry, government, and ultimately, the people, all but guaranteed the next time would be even worse.

The revelation spoke so, and carried with it a highly-influential moral imperative. This fact also indicated that the traditional methods of “climbing the ladder of society” were structured to end in failure, unless one were to sacrifice his principles. Thus, the whole system was broken and needed to be replaced. Ah yes, first thing: educate the people! You must tell them!


“Oh, get over it, that was years ago.”


“Yeah, I trust the mainstream media.”


“They couldn’t be lying about all of that. Why would anyone do such a thing?”


“Oh, we got a ‘conspiracy theorist’ over here, har har har!”

Next, find a way to straighten it all out…


I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell that anyone connected to “the system” would really let me speak frankly about this subject, and others, on the radio or on television. So I’ve been talking this up in person, to anyone and everyone. 15 years I’ve been speaking on this, and a thousand other points of vital interest, night after night, and I never quit.

And yet here we are.

And it seems strangely fitting that the people with the least bit of sense are now literally “shutting themselves up”. You’ve turned yourselves into heartless, brainless, and now faceless entities with your ignorance, cowardice, greed, and indulgence.

And try as I might, I can’t blame myself anymore.

These are your failures, not mine.


At some level, those who are perpetuating this may be thinking that, “Oh, it’s okay, because the only people who are going to do this are the ones that are dumb enough to believe us.” This may be a portion of the rationale here, through the eugenicist’s lens.

Sorry to break to it to them, but doing such a thing, whether the people were warned or not, does not justify this kind of behavior, and they will nonetheless have to answer to God, if not an international tribunal, ala Nuremberg, for their crimes.

“If you allow someone to steal your watch, and then sell it back to you, you deserve it!”

This is a quote of Alan Watts, from one of his many lectures. It is quite funny, but it is also one of his few statements, in my opinion, where the listener may inadvertently step into a morally-murky zone, if they are not careful.

Allow me to explain: The statement itself appears appropriate. Indeed, in such a circumstance, that person would, indeed, deserve it. Hopefully they would learn something from that, and move on. However, this does not absolve the perpetrator of wrongdoing. In fact, the perpetrator is even more scummy than before! Because it requires an extra layer of malice, of contempt, to do such a thing to people. To anyone. This extra layer of malice is often exactly the sort of thing that makes this type of behavior, and the realization that it is so widespread, seem so incredulous to people, as well.

“Why would anyone do such a thing?” most would ask.

Answer: those people are psychos.

Deal with it, already.

Hint: it starts by saying “NO”.

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