"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Poker, Electromagnetism, and Spinning Gyroscopes

Beginning with the core, micro, pecto within, we add another spinning and twisting in the perpendicular direction, double spin making dimension with distance out from center of mass. Add another particle colliding with or pushing away from the mass of similar spin, “Inertial force” warping out larger interactions, other spin as total system, creating a vector “away and out of ” itself, its innards expanding a dimension larger by that very cumulative spin. If adding another inwardly complex and containing, triple, quadruple, quintuple spinning system, uniform and balanced throughout, outward from that center, seems to form a similar reaction that would place it “beyond” normal interactions, acting most strongly against forces of its own dimension, superseding those of lesser dimensions. It would only propulse against others of its own kind, however, or may collide, causing all others of a similar kind to come together from God knows how far a distance, and God knows with what energy they would release. Perhaps to get two of these things going (depending on the logic preceding) at equal frequencies might cause them to collide and smash with incredible violence, “superseding” all other forces.


Or they might repulse each other at incredible velocities. Velocities, in either case, that we might be too soft to handle in our minor dimensions of three. If it can be done, setting them both at perfect frequencies to each other, we might just destroy ourselves as they become fundamental particles.


Or, now what if that thing creates an “field” of repulsion around itself? Who knows how big that field would be… it might completely demolecularize all of existence, by creating a new, more powerful force than anything our universe has been capable of. Perhaps suddenly ejecting and absorbing all existence, creating a spin “out of” our universe, which then combines with other universes that have undergone similar change to interact with each other on still another level. It might change the spin of the universe, this thing of such omnipotence, as it was a creation of those that might consciously bring it about, that this cannot exist naturally, that it requires a creator. “In line” with previous levels of size particulate, though this would imply a… huh. Now I’m thinking about girls.


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