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American Update: A Record (in progress)

The insects are dying something fierce. You don’t need pesticides anymore; they are already dead. It’s not going to “maybe happen tomorrow”, it’s happening now. Can confirm personally, as a guy who hikes through the woods and fields of Northeast Kansas, professionally.

1,000+ families are going bankrupt from medical bills, alone, every single day. These are people who worked their entire lives with and through faith in the system, hoping that their lives would get better. How many days before this happens to everyone of us?

In America, the people I know have to work 2-3 jobs just to get by. Half the population lives in poverty. This is unacceptable. The rent is too high, the pay is too low, and anyone who wants to climb to the top, to have some semblance of monetary security, has to indebt themselves to the tune of 10s of thousands of dollars, for a job that is likely bullshit. We trade money, finances, back and forth like a game of hot potato, screwing each other over for meager scraps.

What is the most educated generation in American history to do, when they are hamstrung, framed, and stuck in servitude? How can we benefit our world, our communities, with such restrictions?

We live out a horrible tragedy every day we live like this. Our society is bullshit, it is killing the world, and it’s getting worse every day.

Let’s take a look at what has happened to the Bill of Rights:

1st Amendment: Wrecked by “free speech zones”, “disturbing the peace”, the arrest of Julian Assange (beyond the reach of our sovereign nation, and strong-arming the world, and the arrest and torture of Chelsea Manning, have destroyed the first amendment. The Supreme Court has cut at its edges for many years, and our country’s actions of late, particularly relating to freedom of the press, are chopping off a big slice.

2nd Amendment: To editorialize, if there was ever a time that the utility, and the “intention”, of this amendment were worthy of doing so, it would be now. The rights, defined by it, have not been infringed, as yet, to a level that prevents us from following its intention.

3rd Amendment:

4th Amendment: The NSA is spying on the entire American population, and ever more upon sovereign nations, as we are aware, our government and the transnational corporations that we have aided through our collective efforts. “Search and Seizure” has been systematized, and accepted, through the spying that we know exists, and, for instance, the institution of “asset forfeiture”, by the state, prior to any conviction in a court of law. Both search, and seizure, has been allowed, by law, in our country. This is unacceptable. These breaches are the very abuses that were to be avoided, through the very laws that define our nation.

5th Amendment:

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