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Eco- to Atmo-

Does vegetation influence air exchange to create higher or lower pressure? Heavy vegetation, it stands to reason, as a large forest, rainforest especially, would be a shining example of, seems that as oxygen and carbon dioxide are of different molecular weight, and that they would therefore rise or fall in the atmosphere vertically, and that this flow of air would, by way of motion, be of lower pressure, a heavy forest can itself influence the climate, moving the air about horizontally as a result, creating or influencing winds, to the point of making low-pressure spots locally, during the day, causing in spiral air motion from the surrounding stable, higher pressure zones, as a whirlpool of air, which then curls and combines toward the center, as earth-spin buffets it east, bringing water vapor in all stages nearing steam, sucking in vapor to a more or less epicenter, low pressure arboreal, verdant zone in day creation photosynthetic gaseous transmission.

P.S. And temperature exchanges, oh my!

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