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Appendix to Recent Words and Deeds, June 2019

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Garret Tufte

Appendix to Recent Words and Deeds, June 2019:

A. Our government is designed to function slowly, as a bulwark against tyranny. Unfortunately, barring a war, it is woefully ill-equipped to deal with systemic crises, especially of its own making, from the consequences of its own actions. The corporate/government partnership from Hell blames negative externalities on laws of nature, laws of humanity, and gaslights the people (blames its own people and others for their individual choices), rather than question its own motives, which carry exponentially higher responsibility.

B. Monsanto (recently acquired by Bayer), is now reaping what they’ve sown in the courts. Lawsuits (particularly relating to the fact that the company knew the chemicals were cancerous, but sold them anyway) are ramping up every day. This is to say nothing of their business practices besides, which have been, these last three decades, aggressively monopolistic.

I was recently talking with some farmers, who were spraying their fields with weed-killer. According to them, if they were to return to the cultivation practices they used prior to using it, they would get about 1/3rd of the crops they get at present. In regard to pesticides, I was told they are not regularly used on commercial crop, except in the case of infestation.

C. In regard to fossil fuels, excessive carbon emissions, and the state of our federal government’s response to this, obviously we have gone off the deep end, beyond the pale, through the looking glass, for there is no more “may”, or “might”, or “could”, for it is truly happening. Our federal government’s efforts, action, and response is indemnified in this report: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesellsmoor/2019/06/15/united-states-spend-ten-times-more-on-fossil-fuel-subsidies-than-education/amp/

D. Also, the stakes are raising ever higher… Yet the ace of spades takes the high, she will not be denied. Keep such things in mind when considering cycles…

E. Do you want a way out of the trap ye, and we, have crafted, as a cage about ourselves, “painted” into a corner? Fashioning the shackles of our own slavery, while ye, yet hold the leash, and believe ye to be ever more “free”? The chains bind as well the master. We have all aided and abetted, much our own misery, allowed our minds fouled by lies, degradation of the frontal lobe, unconventionally induced lobotomies, overt deceptive acumen, killers in static.

A new paradigm is possible. Trust the instincts that lead to empathetic awareness, that branch understanding. Why not trust our neighbors, our friends, our family? We’re gonna need it, now and when shifting gears. “The change and the wild will breed in due time, and bring forth beautiful progeny”, indeed, for a transitional period is necessary, and is part of the equation. How grand a formula? It is “yuuuge”! And endeavors to produce a grander answer than the greatest problem. As much may be gleaned, read, discussed, argued, told and told to, practiced and learned,; in action and brainstorming, fire and lightning, in effect a “Hail Mary”…

What do we have to lose? Only our chains. And the chains bind all. Where do we live and work, and who are we in charge of? We may give orders to others, who order us back, a Keynesian economic, who doesn’t want that? The frosting on the cake is a pseudo-nutritious facade, while the body we embody is ignored, as the touchable world certifies actuality: we, and you, and me, might confirm reality. Step complete. Next, then, to mold reality? We can yet craft it as clay.

Considering that these requests meet with resistance, we ought to ask ourselves whether there might be some other motive for poisoning the planet, the entire biosphere. We have demolished pretty much all native species, except for a select few genetic varieties, engineered to resist these poisons, while everything else dies. Here: would you like to take a gulp of RoundUp(R, TM)? It’s been “proven” safe…

[And if ya’ll are interested in “stunts”, let us nail a “Bill of 99 Wrongs” to the front door of the Capitol. Martin Luther got political…]

This state of affairs has only become worse and more sophisticated. What, even, is this country supposed to stand for? What goal is actually being pursued? List aside, as “truth & justice” is systemically obviously nonsense, the actual truth is that we stand for little more than military and economic domination, not only of our own citizens, but the rest of the world. We pretend we live in a democracy, a MASSIVE lie that even the most discerning and intuitive observers nonetheless continue to perpetrate; every day we continue believing these lies, we tacitly consent to every form of domination and abuse. Shifting like zombies to a job we hate, overseen by a manager who hates his post as much, to create obscene amounts of money, to allow, encourage, and REQUIRE, gaming the system ever further, while a few at the top abashedly receive cream scooped by the “invisible” hand.

F. If you want to get ahead around here, it is not done through hard work and ingenuity alone. Our system requires deception, exploitation, and abuse to further its, and decisively “our”, ends. This is to say the least.

The people at the top (of course, in addition to many others at the bottom and middle, those discerning, most certainly) are aware of the crises and are concerned, but as bonded to the system as everyone else, in a way; domination, power, control, luxury, over-usage, over-abundance, excess: binds both ways (and the non-dual operates in the 4th dimension, time.). I and others (or whomever, if it be necessary that someone be the “face”, progenitor, priest to the concepts): offer a way out of this excessive strain, this mad carnival, from the brim to the dregs, every race, color, creed, class, and age: meting out peaceful justice, indiscriminate.

G. For example, at the very least, personally, here’s what’s in the box: astonishing creations reside inside. Most are waiting until the more major priorities have been addressed. Amongst others, nowhere have I written or spoken the three propositions to “save the world”. (Effecting this is a high priority, and relates “to the speaking of”.) I have not released publicly ‘a’ design for artificial intelligence. (I say ‘a’ design, because there may be other ways. This is one way, that much I can confirm.) I have not released the details, whether in word or in schematic, of the “unification” of Physics. (Some drawings are out there, but nothing near the full articulation.) I have not released the schematics to create a special electric motor/generator. I have not spoken fully of the things to come, as much as I know. I have not explained my full ‘method’ (except in passing at the bars and pubs with ladies and gentlemen) and the vast majority this effort on my part has been systemic and intentional, for at least a decade. (Is this a “teachable” subject? Call me a Professor at Large.) I have yet to describe a manner of imbibing natural “drugs” for their most beneficial usage. (I often ‘imbibe successfully’. Call it “experience”.) I have yet to describe Longitude in a single panel of a drawing. (Latitude I got covered. Now, see here:)

Ultimately, I have yet to say what needs to be said, to write what needs to be written, to speak what must be spoken. And surely, I cannot be the only one…

As it stands, these matters rest upon primary necessity and priorities: that which we may call “awareness”, or consciousness, or work, or recreation, or leisure, or activity, or for all intents and purposes, LIFE… and its stable continuation on Earth.

Oh that we may see the light of day! Oh, that a revolution round about!

Oh that she be coming ’round the mountain, riding seven white horses…

Oh matter, that we do well to keep in mind, perhaps a “goal”, for those who hope: peace on Earth? A livable future? A tomorrow for the people, and other life forms, on this planet?

How about that?

That work for ya?

Or would we rather emptily grasp at the fading dust of a dying world, taking the “invisible” hand of the market on a death waltz of the unaccountable and brutal and soulless, killing the goose, then taking chase, “wrangling us into pens made of emperor’s invisible gates”?

The benefit of rationalizing efforts, nothing less than “knowledge”, itself, resonance of the Godhead. Use it well…

Oh that she be the the fruition of dreams, that lead to means, that lead to means, that lead to sustainable means…


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