"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Regarding the Lack of Comments

I should clarify, for anyone first coming to this site, that the reason there are no comments anywhere, is that I do not allow comments (since it was all spam and bots and shills), and yet WordPress feels the need to display a count. Just FYI.

I treat this website like a temple/museum/library, and I expect visitors to do so as well. I am not interested in having graffiti strewn about the walls, random scribbles in the margins of the books, or half-cocked shade and nonsense thrown on my theories, given a prominent place amidst the source material itself.

I encourage anyone and everyone to discuss and expound upon what I have presented, and there are many good places to do so. I hope that you would not take this the wrong way, but for the time being, public discussion will have to happen elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by.

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