"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Sandy is Randy

Like a monk, picking up the junk

the many see he, breeds seeds up,

needs drop, force field shielding

spurning morning, sleep wakening

quaking stirred verve nerve



Finishing quick rhymes before on to

the sublime, into the logical rhythmic

humming, running, distance laid out

before, far to the shore, til then

no energy unspent, toward the betterment,

‘tween you, me and Albuquerque


/ see /


Ain’t no waiting, but saying, stating,

making, that quint not quit, landing

the biggest catch, this next nest,

rally reel wound spool, steel twist and

bend, no quit with it


Story for the lot: dispensed head bred

red letter to fetter, better fancy

handy and randy, Sandy…


Question of the day’s a quick ray of

sun-spray, you better screen ultraviolet-

rosen-mason, dapper-dander Flanders,

daffy duck snake handlers.


Disbelief community, reap the stupidity,

your opinion matters less in its rigidity,

inconsequentionality, by disgrace of

ignorance of unity, blinder mentality,

your focus lacks priority




Randy, just a hurdle to future reality.


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  1. In the coitpmcaled world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

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