"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Raining Gasoline

Indeed. How many more ways are there to say the same thing?


We have arrived at this point, warped beyond imagination.


“We perceive consumable dreams,” and rarely see further than our noses.


Our world, this forest, is burning.


But we cling to our trees, block from sight the encroaching flames.


Turning away daily, aided by distractive antics.


And little actions, here and there, benefit our own trees.


Leave off lights. Recycle water. Ride a bike.


Whatever you care to do. Even nothing is better than aiding and abetting.


We know how to douse the fire.


Yet the distractive antics play against those fighting flame, daily spending precious dollars for access to water, blocked by trolls claiming to be owners, charging fees greater than the fruits of our trees.


Our world, this forest, is burning.


Meanwhile, above our heads, in the sky, planes and helicopters fly, and release showers of petrol, coal, and volatile matter.


It baffles the mind continually, that their claims you staunchly believe.


That gasoline is rain.


This is not just about climate change. Social, economic, and political dysfunction are the main issues this story illustrates. I applaud who can succinctly relate the warped nature of our 21st century state.



  1. That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contuibrting.

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