"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Quicker Quips and Madder Caps

Could you become so free that you didn’t know what to do with yourself?

That’s the point.

[See film “Office Space”, by Mike Judge: “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”]

What if the same happened to your neighbors? What if it was your whole town? [A checkered flag waves at the “rat race”.]

Follow Natural Law (“do no harm”) and the Golden Rule. Secure your necessities. And work to make more for tomorrow, like the ant in “The Grasshopper and the Ant”. “Essential work” is highly rewarding, because you are giving more than taking.

If you don’t like it, make a robot that can do it for you. (Or at least a machine that makes it easier.)

Try different things on the side to find extra meaning. There are many options.

It can sometimes take a while and be quite traumatic, but you will come out better in the end. And in the aggregate, over time, while you, the individual, find your place, as much shall society: one with more balance and harmony.


That angel on your shoulder giving you the business? What about that devil?

Another paradox for the list: The world doesn’t owe you anything, but it might just give you what you deserve.


[Andy and Bob walk into a bar for drinks after a long day on the job. They get to talking…

A: “I tell ya man, my wife’s been getting on me these days something fierce-”

B: “What? When did you get married? Why haven’t I met her?”

A: “No, no, no, she’s not real. She’s my spiritual wife. You know, when you probably should have someone harping on you, but there isn’t anyone to do it? Yeah, that’s her.”

B: “Ahh, so you invented this spectral entity to console your lonely and directionless life? No real woman would ever bother with you anyway. Haha!

A: “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up…”

B: “So what’s she been saying?”

A: “Quit listening to that idiot friend of yours.”]


When you question something, and refuse to act in a prescribed manner when there’s no clear reason, nor can anyone give you one, you drop another wild card on the table. What will it be? Will you crack through a collective delusion that was ultimately based on a fairytale or superstition or control-freak authority? Or will you perhaps discover a deep truth, the hard way?

There is only one way to find out, kiddies. Try it yourself.

[Or ask your local wizard. Or priest. Or both :]


I am reminded of many years ago, when I asked “why?” again for the billionth time… It goes on and on and on, each question leads to another until… boom! You have all the answers. “Go, go, go” happens, and goes on for some while (they call this being “in the zone”). Then another curiosity pops up. Okay, let’s have at it… whoa! This bar is pretty high, and the stakes even higher. Spectators lay down their bets. The audience is on the edge of their seats. Can it be done? The competitor has already gone further than he had ever dreamed…

Except for that time that the evil scientists, with soothing language and subliminal manipulation, enticed the anarchists and the Chinese kids into the underground Thunderdome, gave them weapons, and took notes as they fought each other. It didn’t take too long before the two warring sides started talking, noticed the two-way mirror, broke it, and started attacking those “hands that fed them”. I took another red pill from my pocket and swallowed it, right before the total eclipse…


Even when the mathematics fit perfectly, such is rarely the actuality, nor ought it to be.

I could prove this and that and the other, all over again, with geometric certainty, and put a cherry on top of the icing.

And I will.

One thing at a time, because there isn’t enough in a day (or a stretch of wakefulness) to connect linearly all the threads of the tapestry.

Any questions in the meanwhile?


I am “out of the game” for the moment, not even suited up. Health issues, have I.


This is a determined rationale from decades back. Long ago I learned that I was not the best at anything, and yet pretty good at everything. Thus:

The decathlon, I’ve been running:

aiming to produce a masterpiece

in each event handily;

storing up first principles conceptually,

a working knowledge of every science known to the public,

and several more on top of that.

Reinventing the wheel and the toaster,

so when science is censored,

there’s backup for the future.

For the method is the metric,

the journey the destination.

Turning on a half-dollar,

whatever perspective needed,

shifts like a willow-wisp in the winds,

cutting paths through the wilderness,

in a fog so thick,

even fish are swimming in it;

for there is no limit when you’re willing and able-ist.

Go and do likewise if you think you can take it.

Another little message of encouragement…



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