"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."



“You stand accused of thought-crime!”

Well then… don’t mind if I do…




Truth loosed upon the world,

bright and brilliant the light it shines,

an open-source intelligence operation

to awaken your mind ~


To whole-sale corruption,

theft, abuse, and violation,

by obnoxious liars,

masquerading as our betters,

who prove, overtly,

their criminality.


They thought they would get away with it,

but the “scamdemic” is less a coup,

than a live-action spectacle,

a determination of culpability.


Ya’ll have been in full view,

“on the stand”, so to speak,

suspected of U.N.-American activities.

And then, while under oath, with Google-y eyes,

you signed your name on the dotted line,

and declared war on American lives.


Thanks for making it easy.

Now we know who to arrest, exactly.


This is your last chance to slink away,

this election day, before our righteous

warriors get green-lit.


No one who wakes up goes back to sleep,

and even those pretending are now getting it.


Your minions are dwindling,

middle managers jumping ship,

even paid terrorists want nothing to do with this.


For that matter, your money’s no good here,

nor your influence.


Your “controlled opposition” is no longer yoked,

secrecy with a “need to know basis”,

compartmentalization cannot assist,

when the plan is clear, and clearly scandalous:


Attacking the very basics of civil society,

the human spirit, and personal sovereignty.

Ya’ll have the identifying features

of history’s most egregious liars.


Every one of you criminals are set

for your own particular reckoning.


Be quick to get in your repentance,

before our freedom platform

manually overrides

your quacked-out monopoly board,

cuts your puppet strings,

and restarts the grand game

with truth and justice,

the American way.


Ya’ll just got wrecked, in a game of 4-D chess.

No trick, nor spell, nor hex,

could ever stop ~



From swimming in a sea of serendipity,

to shouting from the shoulders of giants;

proper prioritization of pertinent information,

accurately identifying subversive tactics and malicious antics;

who crafted the solution to “The Beast System” before it was even implemented.


You cannot stop this Dragnet.

When they said, “Ma’am, just the facts.”

She responded ~



Poetic justice flowing through all dimensions,

“with every regret ye sees, that much greater the finality,”

reflecting magnanimous creativity,

crafting solutions of supposed insolubility,

proving them wrong, and ourselves right, simultaneously.


Kicking ass outside established avenues,

breaking free of corporate tyranny,

placing trust in you and me,

with community, our “better angels” guiding ~


All reason and logic point to beauty ~

peace, love, harmony, justice,

life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Signed, sealed, and delivered,

an alchemical mix of light and darkness,

the reverse of the worst curse,

courtesy of your local master chef ~



Proud to be a part of Team Human,

on the right side of history.


We know the truth,

or close to it;

you cannot stop ideas,

and you cannot stop this.


The clock says “17:76”,

so I’m gonna get Voltaire-ish,

and sharpen this pencil with a knife,

a highly-tuned poet warrior weapon,

balanced, aligned, responsive, and refined,

blessed instrument of the divine.


The Reverend Doctor Wizard is in,

and it’s “Prognosis Positive”.


Does your nation have a tyrant infestation?

Is your community suffering from ‘useful idiocy’?

We’ve got just the thing for your societal vex,

Compliment your diet with ~



Exposing the lies underwriting

fake media consensus madness,

and “social distortion” koolaid fanatics.


“Death cults” get exactly what they want:

THEIR world’s destruction.

Even the devilish get their prayers answered,

but at our expense no further.


Give them a wide berth,

and they’ll fall on their sword,

their hypnotic-illusions collapsed,

their captive minions no longer possessed,

for we have “exorcised the demons”,

with a little help from ~



I was banned before it was cool.

Apparently, my name is a closely guarded secret.

“The powers that be collapsing”

spent hella capital to suppress this action,

with plausibly-deniable sabotage,

wicked slander, blacklisting,

threatening mayhem,

and hurting friendlies;

these maniacs think they got away,

but I’ve got news for them,

and moreso everyday:


All’s over but the crying,

for their psycho-techno mess,

for they grossly underestimate the power of ~



Atlas shrugged his heavy blessings,

divvied them up and parceled them out.

In the middle of gift-giving,

self-styled “authorities”

“outlawed” remedies for maladies,

under threat of tyranny.


The remedy remains,

the substance the same,

with contingencies upon contingencies,

ready for all “if/thens and/or butts,”

to ensure tyrants get riggity-riggity RIGGITY wrecked,

every which way from Sunday.

Quoth the Rick-en, “Rubba-lubba-dub-dub!”

Putting his mind to the ultimate test,

not unlike,

you could surely guess ~



There is no arguing with established fact,

nor that,

America is bringing the renaissance back,

getting enlightened in the 21st century,


“A man of high-genie-ology,”

one of many instruments of divine balance,

playing his part in the “Grand Ole Opry”,

conjuring up fresh technology,

saving it for the new economy,

enough for decades of research and development.


Forget about the schematics,

even the descriptions are redacted,

due to the present digital climate;

“smart” devices will steal your ideas,

if not your wallet.


In this “Brave New World”,

you gotta be careful about what you express,

even when your name is ~



A true American entity,

red, white, and blue-blooded genius,

“no equivalent to this classical

and contemporary lyricist”.


They say “go big or go home”,

but why can’t you do both?

You never would have guessed,

you actually can,

when you hit a grand slam.

“That’s impossible!”, they said.


Well then…

If you think that’s a stretch,

then you still don’t know ~



With great interest,

he long studied the game,

before he ever pulled up a seat.


One of the players was sleeping.

The 2nd and 3rd were shouting.

The 4th was counting his money.

The 5th was stunned blind.

The 6th tried desperately to wake the 1st.

And the 7th was me.


“So now you’ve changed the rules,

weighted the dice, and disregarded merit,

to assault every aspect of the human spirit,

and went so far, your own lives are forfeit.

You’re painted into a corner,

and the free world is upset.

You’ve had many options, but now it’s a simple choice,

issue further dictates and be destroyed,

or quit now to save your face.

Bonus points and redemption highly-likely

if you play the panic off as necessity,

to prepare for the rollout of “a new economic” reality,

to restart the game without changing metrics,

while converting negative assets to positive,

with the flip of a switch,

giving the gift of ownership,

spreading economic justice like magic,

forever remembered as a savior,

because you freely gave up a tiny sliver,

of your vast wealth and power.”


There’s plenty of room on this train,

and plenty of leeway for all motivations.

No matter what car you are in, everybody wins.


Everything that has happened,

had to happen,

and we forced this hand early.


To know for all progeny, the “endgame” of soulless tyranny,

to face it down, and reject it directly.

That in order for it to show at all,

the brightest sun must break the darkest cloud.


“The best is yet to come, and babe, won’t it be fine…”


Where I come from,

“trusting the plan” is called “faith”.

And it’s even better when you participate.


Blessed be the witness,

and blessed the engagement.


Come hell or high water,

Heaven is coming out the victor.


So long as I have breath,

and even in death,


“Thy Will Be Done.”





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