"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Hammurabi’s Blitz

So, if one were to step to this

I’d respond right quick

A little finger’s worth your stake

of this immense stati-wake


Ultimately there’s no touching me,

you fool who coos, you lose

the test of time you can’t even see

it’s beyond your mental capacity


Set in stone, a masterpiece, Hammurabi’s

code’s in infancy

Blitz to find it, took the new way,

not blinded


Serving up lovely sweet buds, I’ll

wrestle the HUD out your blood, crack it

with a splitting sound and cannibalize

the better attributes, cuz I’m seeing

automatons better spent around gravitons,

hanging loosely near center of gravity,

acting all tough bitch but got no

pull to go with it.


If you hit the rock, it’s coming with a shock,

your bones are weak to this incredible feat

unstoppable leet speak, both prose and

poetic, never failing, game changing,

no equivalent to this classical and

contemporary lyricist, physicist, economist-

ic, artistic, make-like, sage-like, saint

Christopher hold on tight;

sailing, wailing, assailing, force with no recourse


/ Son /


Imbibing, incising, inciting, and

describing /


Your greatest wish and implementing it.

That’s Hammurabi’s Blitz.


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