"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Consumable Dramatics & Experiential Inter-Faith

When we see the change,

the inversion of the pyramid,

coming, happening;

when the bubble finally breaks,

when the poles finally switch,

when the contrivances of man,

grand measures and metrics,

wealth of material labor,

aid the primal, the essential;

when Cartesian logic,

the clock, the symbol, the number,


with the inscrutable, the unknowable;

when we lift the veil of chronicle,

when we witness the fire that fuels soul,

when we dismiss shadow puppetry,

when we exhaust synthetic novelty,

when we conclude fictional wandering;

when we act in reality, superceding fantasy,

when we reject false witness discordance,

when we accept man/woman, black/white, self/other divisions,

that we may so unite a better reality;

that we may so achieve, as wild it seems,

an evolution of humanity, beyond technology;

that an end befit consumable dramatics,

conclude thought experiments,

utilize learned lessons,

and upgrade experiential inter-faith…

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