"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Atlas Drugged

Am I rational?

For bearing weights reasonable


Or an irrational being?

Bound to carry for desire unseen


What can it mean?

Scratch that, it makes sense


An animal forgets,

Forgets all specifics

And keeps generalized, time-tested grips.


To hold the specific,

The minutia keenly

So human, distinctly


Chalk it up to humanity

No animal tortures so subtly


Uncontrollable and sporadic

That one slip, one mistake

And skies rain upon it.


Still moments have arisen

When big mouths beget alienation


So hold that tongue

And focus similarly


Always, always, O’ life!

Why must you have causality?


Dragging a snowball

Getting bigger with every step

Soon the radius is longer than the rope

It catches my heel, pulls me in

It rolls, by now with new momentum

Smashing somethings seen only by glances

I break free and watch

Bewildered, as it tumbles away.


Now alone, again, I attach a rope

And begin another.

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  1. Imrspseive brain power at work! Great answer!

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