"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

An Event that Must

Are you willing to pay the price?

A true mirror. No way to escape it. No outside force to block your capacity, nothing but your own ability.


Could you handle a world without competition?

When nothing more material to strive for? When employment scarce, not necessary to work? When truth of existence laid bare?


Could you find reason provided all sustenance?


Could we live ideal democratic?


Could you deny jealousy? Could you grasp at goodness? Would that you find it, if before you had grasped at another?


If rules were changed, would still a game you play?


Or are you truly, madly, deeply, sick and tired of the bullshit slavery? The newest instrument; and you, impossibility of success without it?


Do we have determinable souls, or do we need our masters? I need not a master to tell me how to live, what to like, where to go, what to do. And faith that few require.


We all have it. But easier done as you’re told.

If so, what is to be done? We react to disparities and injustice. Can we truly break injustice, truly make parity?


Could you strive toward and discount monetary reward?


The trappings continuing: comfort, art and entertainment. Would we lose an edge?


But what edge is to be lost? If it is subjugation then I say blunt that sword and rejoice, when there are none below you to debase.


This is no weak undertaking, but one that must be done. How long can we continue willingly a system presenting flaws so eagerly? Requiring faith in deception? How high must stakes go before flaws become canyons?


The bow will break; every day it cracks. No duct tape or band aid can fix what was broken to begin with.


Unbridled capitalism, here, my friends, has outlived its nature. To reach our potential we must evolve and have the balls to do unfamiliar.


“The masses have a vice of silence. Playing a game no matter crimes done in their name.”


But then, “The masses have virtue, for if need nothing of negative change, positive change rings through.” Still, some must do.


Now we say, “Change the rule.”


Here is a chance. People pissed about the right things, gaining ground. Plan properly formulated, smooth transmission calibrated.


Smooth shifts may be cut by establishment, neutered before passing, guarantees gauged deceptive. Only made by those with grievance, no power to cling. And know no single chance. Now always a good thing.


A revolution must come. Must and will. No denying progress, and progress now to come.


The more resistance, the greater the crash. Required easy transfer. Keep running, keep going, don’t get discouraged, fight with words, understand consequence of success, because when you lack a resisting force, which someday you will, the movement becomes reality. Are you ready?


Don’t bring yourself to heel!


Don’t fall for the same ruse again and again used!


Don’t break when they take your base, and don’t stop for neither pittance nor sleight of hand. Your demands are the future and the future is now, my friends.


Don’t let them slow you with threats that matter to a broken system. They matter nothing in a world of future.


Never hate. Never hate before, or now, or ever to come. Keep pushing for the basic right, the right never known til now, the right upon the shoulders of giants, the right progressing democracy, the right fueling your fire, the right stretching arms to sky, the right enlivening. The right within grasp when we realize truth to progress.


We cannot go back to where we were. The arguments of the past are just that. And any distrustful, and any fearful, and all resisting, look upon a future of hope and equality and freedom, and restore your faith in humanity. Have faith my friends, faith in your fellow, faith in your country, faith in your generation, and most of all faith in yourself.


So long as capital drives forth, energy costs excess. Free pursuit, not free without energy.


If bubbles teach anything, it’s credit without limit. Currency imaginary, no limit set in stone. “Value” is labor and energy, period.


Keep pushing, and it will be worth it, more than we can imagine.


Little by little, free pursuit breaks the bonds of subjugation and servitude.


Minimal economic burden gives way to economic equality.


Economic equality gives to equal consumerist.


Equal consumerist gives to equal ability.


Ability gives to value.

Value obsolete currency.


Lives with no change and no wallet. Finally, truth to progress reaches economic limit.

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