"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

An American Dance: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Our empire is not perfect.

This is not a democracy.

It is not supposed to be.

I expect our leaders to do the right thing.


Though difficult to determine.

Listen to the voice of reason.


The machine keeps churning, a lumbering beast,

composed of a million constituents.


Is revolution necessary? Seems so,

that it occur eventually.


“This hand rises with new dawn’s light.

It lifts… be it palm or fist.”


This is dangerous. That must be so.

The platform is better,

stick to the letter.


“The only system we got.”

Work within reality?

Or bridge parallel universes?


We’ve yet to broach 21st century terminology,

economic and politic, bring it.

Concepts shift as lungs expel winds.


Belief is powerful, determines redefinitions,

conglomerations of collective consciousnesses.


The point has tipped among a new generation.

We understand our power.

Do you get it now?


An exercise of a kamikaze nature.

A game of chicken on the one,

Russian roulette the other.


Trump is a walking nightmare. Anyone, anything, but that man. If Hillary our partner in this dance, then come on. It is time. Go kick ass. Spread your arms wide. Do right and we are by your side. The stakes are high in the ephemeral fight. “Fire in the Mind’s of Men”, has spread. It is your time. Help us turn the tide. Relight your soul’s flame, and let it burn brilliant.

Our Lady President.


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