"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

A Poetic Consultation on America’s Easter Confession

So you have done it again,

and have come to repent?

I see… listen then closely,

and after each quote, repeat:


The axiom again comes to mind,

for “when your life improves, so does mine.”

“Let us work today, that we need not tomorrow,”

a Protestant work ethic, applied to the economic.


To a powerful group, ethical, political and practical strategy:

“We have no choice but utopia,” indeed.

Simple mathematics do prove,

walls of currency save none from lost value.

They depreciate, and returns diminish.

Water pours from palm with clenching fist,

control lost in its pursuit.

Do not fear the chaotic and wild;

these forces in due time breed,

and bring forth beautiful progeny.

Golden ages built of craft and quality.

Peace tempers the empire’s saber, both sides.

With mastery comes responsibility to use correctly.

If not accepted, it will be taken,

as the student masters the lesson.

The easy way or the hard way?

With new dawn’s light, the hand lifts, be it palm, or fist.

Humanity’s ultimatum: invest in tomorrow, that we have one to live.

Let me assure you, the fruits of the good future make the present petty and small.

We are at the crossroads of heaven and hell,

between a thousand gradients, right now.

To accept limbo, the status quo, is to merry-go-round the well in drought.

Crises eventuate, and necessitate transparency, from the tip to the base.

Let people be free, and they will find the path to tomorrow independently.

With literacy, communicate collectively.

Open the lines and free the frequencies!

Demagogues of the forum may dominate; pass the mic freely.


The base is prepped and ready:

the most educated generation in history,

clamoring to make the good future, a reality!

But the vote is worth 3/5ths a dollar,

while the consumer has been neutered,

for debt perpetuates and disposable incomes stagnate.


“Our chains will not fit this gate.”

Both master and slave now share the same fate.

It matters not who hold the yoke,

but that the yoke be naught.

Jettison restrictive weights,

and meet freely the vacuum of space.

Take heart and have faith; your neighbor will do the same.

Step beyond the powerful shadows,

meet the people with liberation,

and make a masterpiece of reasoned compassion.

We need your hope, your love, and your determination.



Your Poetic Consultation

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