"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

The Value of Self-Respect

“He’ll tell you,

and bribe you,

put you in the iron maiden,

cause your derision.

He knows your inner workings,

he’s seen brain scannings,

and psychological manipulation


easy to see,

practiced since the 50’s.


He’s such a taste for it,

he’ll make you want it, this psychological abuse,

but soon as you use a piece, he’ll use the whole pie against you.

Soon as you know yourself, he’ll have known you sooner.

We’re predictable, you see, on the whole endlessly.

Sorry to break it to you, but the more you know,

the less of you

the man can screw.”


– Excerpt from “Escape from the Land of Dreams”, The Fire Enlightening, page 24.


The Value of Self-Respect

[Determined by Examining The Negation: The Decades-Long, Creeping, Psychological Imposition of Self-Doubt; Individual, Familial, and Societal; Whose Tactics Include Ignorance, Interruption, Dismissal, Ridicule, Censorship, Slander, Blacklisting, and Active Sabotage. Courtesy of the Faceless, Unaccountable, International, Incorporated, U.N., W.H.O., Pfizer, Google, Facebook, Comcast, Corrupt Government Bureaucrats, Nazi Scientists, Marxist Subverts, and More.]

Right now, this is one of the most important concepts, underlying many of our psychologies, that needs to be understood by people around the world, regardless of our class, race, religion, position in any hierarchy, etc. In order for us to beat this, we need to what this has done to us and how we got here.

To paraphrase, “…that makes us accept the lower pay, the longer hours, and the pension that vanishes the minute you go to collect it…” – George Carlin

You can know that you have the The Negation of Self-Respect, this “mind virus”, crafted by these bad actors, when you attempt to impose your will upon others, for rationale that you cannot fully explain, nor understand. What are you actually demanding that specific, healthy, innocent, person-you-have-never-met-before, DO? When your object of “mastery” is some innocent fellow citizen, it shows a clear lack of self-mastery. This leads to criminality. This leads to slavery.

Censorship expresses this concept.

Excessive, unconstitutional legislation and regulation express this.

Arbitrary and harmful “medical mandates”, expressly violating bodily sovereignty, express this.

Terrorism, defined as “acts of violence, or the threat of violence, to gain power”, expresses this.

Homogeneity, the desire for everyone to act the same and have the same beliefs, expresses this.

One of the most insidious concepts indoctrinated into my generation is “defeatism”. When evident during philosophical discussion, people have recoiled when I pointed out how this colors their view of themselves, others, and the world. Sorry, not sorry. Somebody needed to point it out. “Wake up and smell what you’re shoveling,” said Winslow.

“Defeatism” is not about losing every fight because you’re not the best. It’s about “losing every fight because you’re not putting one up“. Some common refrains over the years come to mind: “There’s nothing you can do about it,” or “That’s just the way it is”, or “Things will never change.” That’s right, Professor Know-Nothing and Cindy Tin-Pot, they won’t change. Not with your attitude. And I think you are well aware of that. Which makes you a villain.

For those unwittingly caught in this ideological web, it is a direct consequence of The Negation, in that one is infinitely more susceptible to slow, steady abuse when the mindset is successfully imposed. This is more psychological inversion: socially engineering an “upside-down” or “bizarro” world, fueling a self-fulfilling prophecy of hopelessness, with highly coordinated, well-funded, consistent deceit.


A friend once told me something, years ago, that really resonated. He said, “More people are actually afraid of success than they are of failure.”

In many cases, he’s right. So, how could that be, and where does it come from? Let’s examine.

It may be that you don’t want the “limelight”. That is fair, but “success” does not require such, another false concept ingrained in us. Neither do you “only get one shot”. Total subversive, fame-based, carrot-on-a-stick nonsense, that relegates “the act of creation” below the “fork-tongued reward”. Why would you be “afraid of success”?

I ask myself this question, and it appears the only real place that this can come from is that of self-doubt or from a maze of ridiculous self-critical mental abstraction. Less that I doubt I can achieve success, but more whether, with such success, that I could prove to wield well the power that comes with it.

Could you become a tyrant, treating people callously? Could you squander your gains and become some cautionary tale? Perhaps. Could you take steps, check your own actions, and gain knowledge on the way to better your chances? Absolutely. Could you really trust yourself?

Turn off all the other messaging for a moment: the TV, the media, the barking dogs online, your in-group, those other people, that other thing, and let’s focus on the real you.

Let’s provide some perspective on your subconscious. How many days have you actually been alive? 5,000? 10,000? 20,000? On how many of those days did you do something terrible or really fear for your life? Really now, take stock. Is it less than three figures? Good average. Now count how often, in a day, you feel guilty or ashamed or afraid. Something doesn’t quite add up now, does it? Now add the psychological effects of “mask mandates”, and holy s***, YOU, at your most fundamental level, are forced to feel guity, ashamed, AND afraid, EVERY TIME YOU SEE ANOTHER PERSON. This is the bozo-nightmare being foisted upon us. Let that sink in.

When you don’t respect yourself, you are that much more susceptible to manipulation by malicious characters and general deception. When you do not grasp this concept, these forces can get you to do anything. Because ultimately, subconsciously, by doubting yourself, by not respecting “yourself” (however you would like to define so), you invite deception and manipulation. It’s a vicious cycle. Why? Because then you end up trusting someone else to know what’s best for you. And you know who really needs your trust, simply to function? Psychopaths and con-men. Of particular societal consequence this is, as too many of us have placed trust in distant, unaccountable, verifiably-wicked corporate entities.

One of my favorite philosophers of the 20th century, Alan Watts, of whose lectures I have listened to hundreds, laughed the hardest he ever did after speaking this insight: “If you allow someone to steal your watch and then sell it back to you, you deserve it!” It’s funny at the individual level, but what about at the societal level? How does such a shared phenomenon manifest itself?

Bad news. And precisely the predicament in which we find ourselves.


As a man in his mid-30’s, to my fellow millennials: Hey! Wake up! There is a war raging right now, and the way we win is by deciphering truth from lies. And we have all been lied to royally. It’s our job to figure out how, and about what, and who is responsible. In order to free ourselves, we must dismantle the lies. Once we have the freedom, then we can figure the Absolute Truth.

We grew up with the screens, televisions and computers, and were introduced to “smart phones” and social media in the prime of our lives. If anyone can discern the truth from the lies, it is us. This is our battle, within ourselves and with each other. Make no mistake, the fundamental nature of our lives, our children’s, and their children’s, depend on it.

We must speak and share our common truths, and act upon them. This includes how we spend our money, the work we choose to perform, the companies we patronize, the media, the “food”, we produce and consume, and how we treat ourselves and each other.

Self- respect is VITAL, as a base for us to build a more accurate picture of where we are and where we want to go, immediate and distant. When you really have self-respect, there is no desire to impose your will on anyone. Commerce, communication, flows freely from the mutual respect that naturally parallels.

Now is the time to stand up for your moral principles. Good deeds, satisfying work, respect for each other and our shared environments, will soon pay very well. This is what happens when you pivot, and shift your priorities toward The Affirmation of Self-Respect.

We need not sell ourselves out to any more bad actors, because, quite literally, these filthy rich psychopath criminals are losing all of their power.

Why? Because we need no longer work for the super-rich to be wealthy.

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