"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

The Maverick Radio Hour: “The End IS the Means” [Episode 8]

Another show is upon us, and it’s a tale of three halves: of encouragement in self-awareness, thoughts to address fascism and abuse, and strategies to apply in regard to vital issues. Stand strong and be not afraid!


  • The pertinence of calendar dates (including one “case study”)
  • “Cause/Effect” continuum threads, origination, perpetuation, and potential cessation
  • Honesty of personal “desires”, toward efforts at alteration, if so wanted (a bit of “self-help”)
  • A manner of educating gifted children (how to use your “syndrome”)
  • Simple operations at the individual level that address breaks in vital supply chains and simultaneously create a market for local, practical products and services
  • Who says you’re “supposed to”?


A fresh episode for your enjoyment/enlightenment/fascination;

This is the Maverick Radio Hour…



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