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The Maverick Radio Hour: “Method vs. Subject Matter” [Episode 1]

We have ourselves a new show!

You might hear me opine on philosophical issues, physics and science, the current state of the world, and economic and political theory. I may speculate on the past and future, tell an old story, recite some poetry, and maybe even play a song or two on the keys. Anything goes when I got a mic in front of me and an hour to speak.

To start, I focused on the basic difference between “method” and “subject matter”, as a way to organize one’s thinking, and fortify reality. In this day, there is a LOT of misinformation and disinformation going around, and having a solid base for proper judgement is vital. This is a great tool to cut through grand lies that have been pushed on society: particularly, the virus panic of the present and the events of 9/11, 20 years ago.

I will post a pre-recorded episode each week. We’re working on broadcasting live from another web location, and as soon as it is available, I will post the link and time.

I hope you find the show enlightening and entertaining!

Much love, my friends.


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