"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Rules of Engagement and Ruses of Manipulation

The number one psychological attack coming after all of us is that of “division”. This has been happening for many decades, and the malicious class and their puppets, in their effort to destroy our country, aim to have us at each other’s throats. I recommend everyone, again, read one of my essays from August of this year, “Mass Dispel of Criminal Psychosis and Re-Alignment with True Justice”. One of the major points of note for people to follow is that: “those who encourage violence against strangers are the true enemy.”

We can see quite clearly, no matter where you get your information, who these people are who “encourage violence toward strangers”. The fact of the matter is that, for groupthink to work effectively, individuals need to not only identify with a group, but be coerced to identify others as groups. This allows and encourages war, and mindless mob violence. Riots and race-baiting are a clear example of this. The push toward “Civil War” is a great part of this, getting conservatives to hate liberals, and likewise, states to hate on states, and this has been in the works for some while. Do not take the bait. Remember that, even though Trump is the best president we’ve had in decades, it is not worth fighting a civil war, per se, specifically to get him back into office. The election was clearly a fraud, but we need to draw the battle lines properly: the tyrants, themselves, are the enemy. They are out there, they have some authority, but the number of people who are listening to them is fewer and fewer every day. The “mainstream media” will tell you quite the opposite, and make up any number of horrible stories to scare you into submission. They have been lying about everything of significance this year, across the board, and of course, for decades prior. The psychological manipulation placed upon us is clear.

Know your enemy, my friends. It’s not you, and it’s not “them”. It is one after another, individuals, who you can find the names of, who signed on the dotted line, at the bottom of an unconstitutional, tyrannical directive.

Do not be deceived. There are malicious players and lies, double agents, on all sides. Pray for discernment, see through the deception, and stand up and tell your truth. Half the time, you don’t even have to say anything. Stand up for yourselves, have courage, and fear not the virus, fear not the “authorities”, fear not “having a spat with some clerk”. When “they” get us common folks to fight and harass each other, “they” win. And people, just relax. If someone comes in without a mask, so what? If someone does, so what? Do what you want to do, and quit telling everyone else how to live their lives.

If there is one thing that everyone seemed to agree one, when I have spoken to as many people as I possibly could, in my adult life, about all the significant, large-scale issues in our lives, especially when they disagreed with me, it’s that “the whole system is corrupt”, and “all those politicians are crooks”, and “all those corporations are evil”. Add another uniting thought to the mind of the American people. If you are pushing for President Trump to get back into office, or you’re out there worried that he’s the real crook, remember that the regular person who says otherwise, who is seemingly your opposition, ultimately has the same goal as you: living in a fair and just country, and not get treated like garbage by corrupt, malicious actors and organizations.

Another unifying concept, in order for us not to attack each other, is for all of us to understand that we have been, and are being, lied to in ways and on levels that were heretofore unimaginable. Have a civil conversation with the person in front of you, tell them in what ways you have been lied to, and ask them how they have been lied to. This goes a long way.

Remember to stay peaceful, and that the real enemies are the tyrants themselves, and they will, and are, being dealt with. Be creative with how you bust them, and how you encourage others to do so as well. Keep the pressure up, keep exposing the corruption from “on high”. Their power wanes with every act of courage you take. Don’t submit, and do not comply with nonsensical orders.


The ultimate goal of the villains is destruction of the individual. And again, this has been going on for decades, if not since the founding of our country. What is different, is that we are presently experiencing the culmination of that, a direct assault.

This is the biggest scheme yet perpetrated on humanity, and this is always the prize. In order for a villain to gain power, he must have “command and control”. He must be able to “get people to do what he says”. Without that, he has nothing. If there is not an explicit reason for “controlling people”, then it will ultimately result in destruction. On an individual level, we don’t need much more control over strangers than Natural Law, the Golden Rule, and the Ten Commandments. (For more on this, see the essay “Reinforcing and Solidifying Foundational Principles of Civil Society.”) Most else can be transactional. We figured this out a long time ago, and humanity, and societies themselves, are not in much danger of any particular individual, so long as the society stays individualistic. It sounds contradictory because it is, and all the deepest truths are paradoxes at some level.

So, on the individual level, we’ve got abuse pretty well handled. What about on the societal level? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights create, paradoxically, a government that is essentially limited in its scope, particularly how it is allowed to control individuals. Period. That’s the whole point. This is why the United States, and our Constitution, is so incredibly important. This is why, when you enter law enforcement or the military or the judiciary, that you swear an oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

For those in law enforcement and the military, the judiciary, elected officials, and anyone and everyone who considers themselves an American: adherence and defense of that Constitution is our most sacred duty. It means nothing to live here otherwise. This is what makes us special.

The Constitution is not difficult to read and understand. You know, I know, we all know, what it says. It is clear and unambiguous, even if one has not quite “taken it to heart”.

Now, there are people in power who will claim otherwise. You, an average American, have been told, repeatedly, in a thousand different ways and on hundred different topics, by these very people, including those on the Supreme Court, quite the opposite. That the “law of the land” is an obtuse, strange, convoluted document, and that you, an average American, could not possibly understand the great nuances of law; that you must leave it up to the “experts” to decide these things, and defer to their decisions.

Well then, how is that working out for us lately? Our God-given rights, encoded into law, have been chipped away for decades by criminals at the highest levels. I had been out there, pretty much on a nightly basis, for the last decade, screaming about the incredible, systemic abuses being inflicted upon the people, contrary to the Constitution, in full view of, and with great acceptance, and even aplomb, by the “ruling class” and the fake news media. Some people would listen, but most would disregard these warnings.

Now, in the last year, we have experienced tyranny fully assert itself. There is no longer even any pretense to adhere to the rule of Law by these people. This is “naked tyranny”. Period. The “virus” is the thinnest, most inane excuse one could imagine. It’s laughable. And you should laugh at it. We should all laugh at it. These people are tyrants. Your friends and family and community? No, they’re not tyrants. Those regular people who like Trump? No, they aren’t tyrants. Those people who supposedly voted for Biden? No, they aren’t tyrants. They want a return to civility and freedom, and not to be harangued by endless panicking media. We all want that. The tyrants are the people instilling fear, instilling mistrust, instilling hatred. The tyrants are the ones on television and social media, damning whole groups of common people and strangers, who they have never met. The tyrants are the criminals in the bureaucracies, the wrongfully elected, the deceivers in the media, and the levers of corporate monopolies. They want a return to “normality” too. But their normality is where you are asleep, unaware of their lies, and fully trusting in their “good will”, which is plainly anything but.

So, returning to “rules of engagement”: any and every “mandate” or “directive” that directly strips us of our freedom is illegal. Period. None of this garbage will hold up in any real court of law. The Constitution, and especially the 1st amendment, is clear. You don’t need a law degree to see this. There is no asterix that says “except if virus” or “except if terrorist”. This has gone far enough. It’s time to end it. Whatever beneficial purpose it may have once had is now over, or very quickly coming to an end.


It has been a deep-seated tendency for us in civilization to “have an adversary”. Someone or something to fight against. This manifests itself in many forms: complaints about co-workers, spats with our significant others, etc. Much of it stems originally from those age-old sins of envy, sloth, lust, wrath, pride, greed, and gluttony. With so many people in this world, and none of us perfect (which would be horrendously boring, ultimately), the pot bubbles with our many fundamental interactions.

For governments, corporations, and like organizations, the usage of “command and control”, can and has been used to direct our many, diverse energies toward common targets: sometimes appropriate, sometimes not. The intermingling, the vast and “immutable laws of business” of international trade, have entangled, enmeshed those forces that would once compete; as the successful, growing business outperforms its competitors, to the benefit of itself and others, and yet, when the top is reached, it cares not to “nurture the young” (those smaller businesses), but rather to swallow them up, to “cut the child out before it is born”, and to “be so long the hero, that one becomes the villain”.

It is a fundamental truth in our lives as mortal beings that we live, hopefully grow old, and die. The big guy who refuses to grant the little one their fair chance is attempting to alter the laws of the universe. The champion that bribes the referee, or buys off his opponent, is no champion, but a villain.

Among many questionable activities, much of the corporate world has been engaged in such behavior, “bribing the referee”, through “regulatory capture”. They may then impose any number of terrible regulations that strangle small business, or “end the life of the unborn child”. And yet now, with the mandates of the last year, we are experiencing the strangulation of existing businesses. The villainous system, after eating the weakest of the weak, the most innocent of the innocent, has moved on now, to the small and young, the “living children”.

My friends, please stop what you are doing, what you are “being directed” to do. The social engineering, here, is evil beyond anything you ever thought was possible. How long, do you suppose, will you continue to wear that mask? It was only supposed to be “two weeks to stop the spread”. It is nearly nine months now.

There are common threads running through our personal lives that extend into the hierarchies, as much as the hierarchies reach down to direct us.

If, as I have been hoping and praying, that this whole tribulation we have been experiencing, is the “birthpangs” of a new and just world, hopefully the gestation time of that world is exactly that: nine months. It would make sense for it to be so, at least to a certain degree, and perhaps in many regards. Another odd correlation comes to mind: what did you first see when you were born? If it was in a hospital in the United States, and in much of the “developed” world, it would have been this: a doctor wearing a mask over his mouth. This could be either a nefarious psychological trick, or perhaps a good sign that we are to see the birth of a new and better world.

There is much evidence that we ought to be hopeful, and many have spoken of this over the last year, looking on the bright side of the impositions brought upon our lives.

More time with family: Surely many parents and children who lived within the same house, but who were too busy with their day-to-day, have found a newfound connection with each other.

The importance of the Constitution: Huge segments of the population are now learning, for the first time, just how important the founding documents of our country really are, and why they need to be adhered to strictly. Acts of tyranny do not just spring out of nowhere; we have been “fattened up” for this for some time, with as many distractions and luxuries at our disposal as could be offered up, compounded with, and correlated to, the slow, incremental infringements on our liberties, the so-called “totalitarian tip-toe”. My and many others’ warnings of such things fell on deaf ears, until now. People are waking up to the importance of the founding documents, and this is vital. It always is, when tyranny rears its ugly head. Ignorance and complacency never work in any good person’s favor.

Another theme through the decades since World War II at least, is that of the increase in regulation that has supplemented advancement in technology. This has served multiple purposes, and I think the most major one is that of “keeping us busy”, as much as possible, such that we have so little time to ask ourselves what is really going on in the world, and what we would actually like to be doing with our lives. In the last year, anyone, poor or rich alike, has had the time to think on this themselves, and question many basic assumptions that have been lying dormant.

This would require, however, that our minds be free of fear. I encourage all to dispel the notion, and to stand tall in the face of any enemy, whether a virus, or an authority, or a system, or “those other people” or anything at all. Courage and fear are so fundamentally vital, that they transcend this earth, this solar system, our particular form of life, and even have ramifications in our next world or incarnation. The great religions speak repeatedly of this, and the old pagan religions as well. If you’re not into religion, keep in mind that social and psychological sciences speak quite highly of the virtues of courage in this life. Anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress, and fear of a recurrence of past events can be incredibly psychologically debilitating, and I would bet that the bread and butter of psychiatrists’ efforts are dedicated to relieving their patients of fear-based issues.


There are a number of ruses being used against us all at present, and some have played a large part in our adult lives and while growing up. One in which I have been examining closely, increasingly, these last few years, is that of the “great divide between religion and science”. This comes in many forms, and it has been used expressly, by malicious actors, to “divide and conquer” for the last hundred years, and it would appear that, in many, especially high-profile cases, there is no real separation. The further you get into scientific inquiry, the more you realize that there is more to this life than observational science can explain. Keep in mind too, the quote attributed to Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Our individual lives are quite short, compared to the arc of history. Much of our technology, of itself, may not be as “new” as it may seem.

A few quips and a little backstory (and in response to a recent accusation of being “anti-science”):

I’m so anti-science that, in middle school, I got in trouble for reading Carl Sagan in science class. It was far more interesting than re-learning basic geology at the time.

I’m so anti-science that I read Darwin’s “Origin of Species” when I was 13 years old, 10 pages at a time, before bed each night.

I’m so anti-science that I was threatened to be sent to the principal’s office for talking about the “big bang theory” in high school math class.

I’m so anti-science that after I got confirmed at 16, in the time since, I have been to church maybe a dozen times.

I’m so anti-science that I spent most of my time in gifted class reading Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman.

I’m so anti-science that I was a militant atheist for most of my adult life. Check my comment history on Reddit if you don’t believe me.

I’m so anti-science that just last week, while in conversation with close friend of many years, he said that it was strange to hear me say that “masks cover up the visage of God, in whose image we were created”. (I could explain the same concept in socio-psychological terminology, but it would simply take a lot longer and use a lot of big words.)


Here is how this has happened:

I did not, of recent, have some “sudden conversion”. I was not “born again” out of nowhere, at least not in the sense of that phrase as I once understood it, or how it is used by many others. I did not read the Bible so recently and suddenly flip on all the objective science that I have so loved, written about, and used in practice.

This is what happened:

I had a question about the world. So I read, and learned, and confirmed, and understood a basic principle of science that answered that question.

Then I had another question. So I read, and learned, and confirmed, and understood a more advanced principle that answered that question.

And on, and on, and on, and on, and on… day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. You get the picture.

Then I’m feeling pretty confident about all of this, right? Okay, it’s time to tackle the BIG questions.


What’s the deal with this “quantum world” everyone is talking about? Clearly Newtonian mechanics is sufficient to explain the motion of everyday objects, and celestial bodies, like planets, satellites, stars, etc. And general relativity seems to explain the motions on a macro level, but hey, if the speed of light is the limit at a macro level, how can we know? And why it? It seems so arbitrary. Okay, what about the micro level, what’s really at the heart of every atom, what really makes them all up? Hmm…

We have run into a problem here. It turns out that our ability to observe something is dependent upon the medium of which we use to observe it, and our senses that can translate such things into noticeable impressions. We use light to look at these things. So you have to “shine a light on” whatever your object is. At the subatomic level, the light, of itself, alters the thing itself. “Based on our hypothesis, this particle ought to be running off in that direction at this speed. Okay, let’s check it. […] Its going off somewhere else, and its not even that type of particle!” The observation fundamentally alters the experiment.

More than a problem, this is an intractable issue. In experimental, particle physics, it is destined to inevitably occur at some point, regardless of the quality of instrumentation or the medium with which you observe. This is the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle”, and it is a fundamental boundary to human knowledge. We cannot ultimately know what is really happening on the other side. Like the “double-slit” experiment, when you look at it, you “collapse the wave function”, and the results are random. This “randomness” can be quantified into useful probabilities with collections of particles, however, and the Standard Model (last I heard) has been holding up quite nicely. Beyond that, however, it does not appear that we can go any deeper. When we hit it here, we watched the billiard ball go off in that direction. The next day, hitting it in the same spot, it went off in another.

What’s really happening “on the other side”? No one really knows, and no one can know, but God. We have now stepped into the realm of “faith”. I suspect that this is a stage that any advanced, intelligent species must understand and accept, in order to move their civilization ahead. At some level, the curiosity that leads one to “deconstruct physical reality” turns into banging one’s head into a wall. If one does not recognize this, you’re going to have a bad time. I have often said that the most promising experiments we may yet perform in physics (to say nothing of any other disciplines) are constructive, rather than destructive. The 20th century, and these first two decades of the 21st, have been a lesson in the latter, and they have certainly reached their fruition.

I do believe it is high time that we turn it around.


As I mentioned in a recent post, social engineers have been using psychological tricks to harm the public for some while, in many cases, through social media, often unbeknownced to the users or the employees. Apparently, one of B.F. Skinner’s books was called “Walden Two”. I already saw this particular psychologist as the embodiment of everything that can go wrong with that profession, but now this? Not only did this guy spend his entire professional life abusing living things and outlining systematic approaches to manipulating any and every good human being on the planet, but he’s going to pretend to name his book after one of the greatest individualistic American philosophical texts? Let that sink in, folks. This person was sick and evil. And he was instrumental in pretty much every horrible, subliminal, psychological assault that governments and corporations have inflicted upon people.

The assault on “the individual” that comes with peer pressure, groupthink, etc., goes back many, many years, and much of our problems are part of a recurrent “cycle of abuse” that is difficult to break, and in many cases, it is unclear how it even started, if there was ever a “locus” that kicked it off, or whether, as many have surely concluded, “it is what it is”. I have never really been one to accept that, especially when I see so much good in nearly everyone I meet. People have to be very, very clever, and consciously deceitful, to disguise themselves so, and that combination is quite rare. They do exist, and I have met them, and even through such deceit, the good is still clear. These people are just really, really, really deceived.

Anyway, for the most part, there is a clear “cycle of abuse” that runs of its own accord through most people. It is subliminal and hidden to most of them. When you bring it up and point it out, they react defensively. It is deeply-seated and yet quite visible. For instance, I have seen it come out of my friends’ kids after they started going to school. Their character changed in the span of six months from happy and fun and loving, to angry and demanding. What’s going on here? They were sent to a place they did not want to go, commanded to do things they did not want to do, by people they did not know. Is there really some fundamental part of being human that results in these “terrible twos”?

Starting school can be quite the traumatic experience, and if you resist it, your life will be wrecked and ruined. Period. As a child, there is no escape from this, except a life of tremendous fear and uncertainty on the streets or in the woods, or who knows where else. The kids run the calculations in their heads over and over and over again: “how bad could it really be if I ran away? Would they arrest me and put me in jail? What would my parents think?”

This system of eight hours a day, five days a week, nine months a year, over and over and over again, when you really take a step out of the conditioning that you have had through it, and that nearly everyone around you has had through it; and just look at it fresh, from a basic human perspective: it’s insane. Seriously. The endless routine, the exact times, the clocks, the buzzers, the bells, the paper, the screens, day in, day out, day in, day out, everything… Compulsory schooling, I ought to remind the reader, is not a part of the Constitution, and it pushes the boundaries on our 10th amendment rights.

For better or worse, it has been a part of our lives for the last 120+ years, along with all the other madness going on in that time. It clearly has benefits for a society, particularly, it seems, when a government wants to fight another government, or there’s a “space race”, or there’s some sort of economic war going on (which is a big part of what’s happening now), but it can be hell on the individual. Maybe when we get over the idea of “governments fighting each other”, we can ease up a bit on the mandatory schooling and other tricky issues. How about 3 days a week, rather than 5? In my more optimistic moments, I can see that happening, or something similar, among the alleviation of a great many other stressors.

On a more general note, personally, I could give a much more comprehensive prescription for our better future, with fewer uncertainties, if I could be more certain of the basic information I receive. Certainly, the same goes for anyone. Be sure to make copies of good information and hang onto your good books.

I have often said that the answer to many of our most pressing issues as individuals and as societies, is that we need to relax. We’ve been stressed to the max for so long, we barely know how to operate otherwise. This year can hopefully ease us up a bit. I had hoped it wouldn’t require such drastic flipping measures, but here we are.

Now, if we can get past all of the straight-up, mainline fear injected into our veins, and replace it with courage, maybe we can slide right into a better world for everyone.

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