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Orders & Issuance

Be it known that, upon this twenty-ninth of January of the year twenty-sixteen, that tendencies to which people find themselves uncertain as to the possibility of “issuing orders”, in general, as such an act is taken by any conscious actor, as it stands, if said order be arbitrary, or unnecessary, that such acts or issuances may alter the self-determinable nature of the soul, not only depriving an individual of their freedom in the moment of issuance, but if continued, shall harm the future autonomy as well. Chicken and egg amongst the will of an individual, if it be lacking, may most often find itself a product of the actions of people around, giving issuance, as opposed to a person’s primal nature. Thus, the presence of slaves and those incapable of free action are the fault of the powers that issue, less than the person in question.


The presence that you exude is not that of which you feel. The objective is beyond your perspective. Not of ill will or any fault be it, but of simple nature. All acts of your own purpose are your acts. Orders and issuance? Question first. Act second. Free will? Act first, question second? Or question one’s own issuance? The case of singular apex of thought, will, and action? Questioned. But of the collective, only seen in retrospect after action? Subject to combined forces of waves, constructive interference, acted daily, momentary, at all times. Flow of intentional cells. “That government which governs least.” A natural organism, organically flowing. Governing little, in the realm of the biological. A similar effect can be realized through socialist necessity (all cells get their required oxygen), and we are free to perform our societal functions (flexing muscles, breaking down food, or translating perceptions). There, the ideal is real. Now take what we have been doing, and you get this:




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  1. One thing to keep in mind:Consider the sonSec.romeoue may have something to say but;1. Who are they/2. What is their history?3. How long have you known them?4. Who else knows them that you consider to be a honorable?5. Most importantly, Are they a Christian?

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