"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

May Day 2019, Translations

Our world is reeling from astonishing feats of horrendous avarice, lying to the people as infantilized masses. I, for one, deny the wicked acts of empire and greed, wrecking havoc upon the good people of this world, who merely want to live their lives in peace. There is another world awaiting. Grasping efforts bring our world to balance. Stay tuned. And stay aware, as status-quo excess has its fill. A newer, better, healthier, natural, symbiotic, active, ecologically plausible world awaits our powerful souls, our responsibility in “knowing”. Perhaps we’ll make it another winter. Listen up ya’ll, straight from the heart of the empire, lamenting the end of morality… Calma, patienze, basta basta, scuza me, ciao ciao tutti belli! This is an American Update, May 2019:

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