"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Mass Dispel of Criminal Psychosis & Re-Alignment with True Justice

August 31st, 2020 – For Broadcast to General Audiences (Rated “G”)


The worst criminals aim to turn you into one.

The worst, greatest, and most reprehensible criminals are the ones that convince others to act criminal.

That way, for one reason amongst a thousand, it is much easier for them to run around doing the most wicked things without getting caught, because the good guys are all busy with the most visible small-time crime.

So, ask yourself:

Who is it that is asking, or demanding, that you act criminally? Who is telling you to break or bend the law? That’s the enemy. In your own life, in our lives, relating to violence and harassment. The idea, the concept, is to make you, and everyone, a criminal, from two fronts of attack, right now:

1. Virus Panic:

The measures introduced in the wake of the virus panic, is to impose ridiculous, unjust mandates on our behavior, to turn as many good people as possible into criminals, just for living their lives. And with masks, literally provide cover for the identities of the perpetrators of violent acts. *Criminality by imposition of fiat mandate*

2. Menacing Mobs and Riots:

If you are being asked to break decent laws of interpersonal respect, by marching around and harassing strangers, you are increasingly being turned into a real criminal, by going against good law, the Golden Rule, in the process. *Criminality by incitement to violence*

Stop now, LOOK, who is trying to turn YOU into a criminal? Ask yourself that, do your own research, think about it, and when you have found the answer IN YOUR OWN LIFE, stop listening to them.


If you are getting this message, and you understand it, then you have truly awoken.

This is what LAW and self-respect means, and how we really identify the criminals, the real deceivers in our lives. Use your senses: your eyes, ears, critical faculties. Who is menacing who?

The imposition of horribly unjust law on one end, and encouragement to break just law on the other.

This is the psychological “squeeze play” the wicked are assaulting us with, right now.

It doesn’t matter where you get your information, which team you’re on, what color your skin is, what kind of shirt you wear. Our emotions have been manipulated, perceptions managed and skewed, by endless streams of media to push any and all of us toward criminality. This is a key. Wake up my friends!

Who is making you into a criminal?

Who is making unjust laws?

Who is telling you to act unjustly?

Who is providing cover for violence? For abuse?

Who is lying to you?

WHO is the real enemy?


When each of us honestly ask these questions of ourselves, and act accordingly in our own ways, in our own lives, upon the answer, WE CANNOT FAIL to advance the cause of Liberty and Justice for All.

We, every one of you hearing these words, has been greatly deceived by some one or two or three, by some thing or things, and you are clamoring for justice, clamoring for Truth. Here it is: THIS collection of questions and the ensuing answers, shall lead us all, each of us in our own way, to Truth and Justice. The path then becomes straight-forward.

This is how you identify crimes within the legal system, made by secret, insidious, malicious characters. This is how you root out rogue elements of governance, of government, and still maintain the Republic.

This is how you sort the malicious from the ignorant. This is how you protect the innocent while arresting the guilty. This is how we determine justice, now and forever, in our own lives.


I cannot answer those questions for you, but I can tell you this: President Trump is not your enemy. You may not like him personally, but he is doing great work. Ending the payroll tax for those making less than 100,000 per year, standing up to the Chinese Communists, suspending evictions, renegotiating disastrous trade deals, consistently calling for an end to overseas wars, and so much more. What he is actually doing makes a lot of sense, in some ways that cannot be fully explained right now. One takeaway that everyone can understand: the architects of our myriad societal plights have been imposing their will upon us for DECADES. And it is quite evident, that the career criminals screwing us all over, are absolutely terrified of the President. I am glad they are afraid. Ultimately, they are afraid of US, and he is slowly returning power back to the people, and staving off assaults from all angles. “They” have tried every trick in the book to take him down. This is verifiable and evident. You could call this “Exhibit A”.

Now let’s ask the questions of him. Is Trump trying to turn YOU into a criminal? Has he made unjust laws that unfairly impacted your life? Not a single one. Not until the virus panic shutdown. He did it based on the lies of the real criminals. The Justice Department is on that case now, and this whole nonsense is ending. And, at the same time, it had to happen for a litany of reasons.

Now ask the same question of your favorite politician and your least favorite one too. Just what is it that they have done? What laws did they write or help get passed? What about your local authorities? Do your own research.


You are capable of answering these questions YOURSELF. You, and anyone who understands these words, are capable. You need not give up your authority to another for the answers, and in fact, it is your duty to think for yourself here. Use your own senses, your life experience, to answer!

Forget everything you’ve heard from the television or radio or internet spin-doctors, the fervor of any sort on social media, all the artificial trappings of our technological world, and simply ask yourself:

Who is trying to turn you into a criminal? They are the real criminals. That person, that organization.

And when our Justice system works properly, those are the people in prison. Those that make criminals of us all. They wage war on humanity.


Has anyone made YOU feel unfairly guilty or ashamed or afraid today?

Have you made someone feel guilty or ashamed or afraid today? Perhaps of some aspect of themselves that they cannot change? Have you made YOURSELF feel guilty or ashamed or afraid?

What is it that the criminals demand you do?

The road being built by high-level deceivers and their unaccountable, international corporations, is the route to madness. It is the route to evil. It is the route to hell.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Do you like to have your every move dictated to you? Then stop doing it to others.

Forget all the garbage surrounding all the concepts from the indoctrination and conditioning, all the media messaging.

Do this for yourself, and we will awaken from this nightmare.


The criminals, their demon friends, dark magicians and sorceresses, have deployed all psychological weapons against us. Full psychic, spiritual, and technological warfare is being waged on all good people across the world, and especially upon Americans. The greatest bastion of freedom, beset on all sides, the coveted prize of this full-spectrum coup attempt. All assets have been deployed, triggered. And yet? Team Human is winning.

Be prepared. Preventative actions are vital. Get good with God. Don’t take the bait to get violent. Do not listen to those that make you feel unfairly ashamed, guilty, or afraid. Check yourself to make sure you are not projecting that either.


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