"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

A Quick Word to the American Olympic Team

Other cultures have more direct experience with outright tyranny than we do, so unfortunately they have an advantage today. Stand tall, fight through it and endure, and the prize is yours.

With no spectators and rampant “Covid restrictions” (code word for scientifically-tested and weaponized mass-psychological abuse), in the midst of this WWIII: this charade is an attack on our individuality, especially that which Americans are famous for, and which has been responsible for our dominance in any and all arenas. These are direct attacks, designed to nullify the gifts and talents for which you have been blessed and built up for yourself. If you feel a “vague sense of unease”, that’s where it’s coming from.

Here’s a way to fight back in your “every day”: Specifically, wear their muzzles as little as possible, and, this is vital, only put it on when someone threatens you. (Common threats: “Do it or you have to leave”, “Do it or you’re fired”, etc.) Show them to be the bully, because that’s what they are. Don’t let them take away your charisma, your beauty, your smile, your voice, without a fight. Be courteous while you do it, too. You’re not only helping yourself, but you are helping that security guard, that shop owner, that administrator too. This is an abusive cycle and exposing it as exactly that is the first step in getting out of it. Groupthink is mostly subliminal, so bringing it to the forefront is vital. (Also, unfortunately, some people still seem to think that there is some health benefit to wearing these things. There is none. Period. Anyone who has looked into this at all is quite well aware of that, beyond any shadow of a doubt. Do your best to ignore the prominent liars and Sesame Street-style propaganda. [See “The Tyranny Virus” for further details.])

Make no mistake, despite the messaging to the contrary, you are not alone in sensing something deeply wrong and deceptive about all of this. To put people through this kind of treatment is criminal in the highest order. It does not matter if “everyone is doing it”. In fact, that makes it even worse. The “pressure to conform” is the operative metric, the “how”, by which the evil aims to subdue our human spirit.

Do not conform, stand up for yourself, fear not, and your opponents will not only recoil to your advance, but follow in your wake. For they will be first hand witness to one who stood up to the real monster. And won.

Show them how its done.

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