"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Cartoon #2: “Stand Strong”


Photo by Clifton Rendon

24″ x 18″. The most recent rendition with paper and pencil. The major theme is the various external forces at work upon one’s psyche. The text in the demon’s television wing reads thus:


Next On: Daily Distinctive People / Distractive Actions

“The parenthetical yeti spreads leaves with trees, the bees-knees, sees to be

Vis[c]ous definitively. Apocryphal leads seem to lead vast expanse, this ranch, as far

as the eye can see. Vie nine deny the cyclical sky, fountains of youth pour forth

intercourse. Awesome action among all factions, asks from us continued reflection.

Against all odds, ate the potion fate. “All things being equal”, the sequel. This is an

advertisement, you see? Your, your, your future’s organizing. Seizing time continually.

The power lies in the seventh stack. Knowledge proven to be the best seed. Now you

know as much, sprinkle in lunch, fire your guns, ignite the launch. Your staunch position

affords the risk of brisk action, temporally divided only, our powers separated. Come

together and show your so-called betters, a united front, of daily letters. Truth

will come to who do soothe the malady of apathy, decree where all can see.”

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  1. Haha my favourite part of this post is the crazy guy and his idea of &q&t;;capesuquoto. I think people like fashion a lot more than they think they do: it's always interesting when someone looks different. Just by the by, you look trés pretty and it's a lovely outfit.

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