"Expending His Energy to Promote Your Power."

Piano at the Capitol – April 24th, 2015


Special “April 24th” edition. I’ve been a bit quiet with the words previously, but will stay silent no longer! Ha, well, for a couple minutes anyway. A bit of free verse to go with the musical explorations.

Transcript (of the opening bit):

There’s been a lot of talk,

so sometimes you gotta talk back.

See, it doesn’t matter how much trash you talk on me,

you’re wasting your energy unnecessarily.

We’ve bigger fish to fry.

Don’t like it? You don’t need to listen,

but I’d suggest you do.

And for all the stones you throw,

I will occasionally throw some back,

but I can’t spend all my time on that.

Better business at hand,

the creation of something grand,

and this is one aspect.

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