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Rambling on a Future: Part I

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about Monsanto a lot lately. (I ought to mention the sources) Joe Rogan talked about them again on a podcast I listened to with Immortal Technique last night. Also the various protests that I’ve attended over the last year. And the constant view of the state of agriculture in this country. (I do surveys in rural areas, for farmers mainly, and travel through the country every day). So I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on.


I’m going to blow your mind real quick. There’s a possibility here, one that many people may not have seen coming. That they may not have seen coming. That there’s a new future for us out there, that we have the potential (though there’s the constant push otherwise that tells people that we can’t alter our world, that we cannot make a change in the grand scheme of things, that the reality we live in at the present is the reality that must be; personally, I believe that’s a load of bunk.)


Anyway, there’s something new I ought to let you know about. Perhaps new, perhaps not. There has probably been some stoner dude somewhere who thought as much as this, for however fleeting a moment, and was then cut down by his friends. Well, I’m here to tell him, that stoner dude, that he had a damn good idea, and that it can bear fruit.


What am I trying to get at here? Could you know? Do you know? Seen what I’ve been writing on book with ink? Had some idea of where I’ve been coming from? I can imagine how and why; you just cannot help yourselves. Thoughts beside the point…


Nonetheless, I’m going to make those thoughts alongside. They are useful. At a later date I might certainly, and would in fact love to, make a written (and later spoken) declaration that is more and better than the weak, quick, off-the-cuff, top-of-the-head statement/essay this is. I would love to do as much. Hopefully, were I given the stage, I would drop these statements right in front of you all, instead of simply with words on a computer.


I just wait for the day, some time to come, that I might be standing in front of many, prepped for the speech, that I might make your world anew. Too often we all seem to be whipping our thoughts out at the expanse of the internet, this new communique, and finding the response as much as a coyote at the moon. Fact is, changes can be made, and they are being made, as much as the main stream media might denounce or reduce the impact of our thoughts. It can be done, and I am not about to let such a tool out of my grasp, and anyone ought to feel the same.


This is the thing. Thousands of thoughts on this matter besides the most important to be brought up later. But, so long as I have everyone’s attention, and you or who may be reading this, which best understandable would be many, though that fact is denied by the return. Difficult to understand how that might be, so I accept in ambiguioity.


We have a real thing to say here. You know what I’ve been doing? Using my body and capability to find truth that escapes others. And creating things for the sake of themselves. For the sake of the will. Capability draws upon us. We are capable people. Not that we are completely equal; that’s absurd. We all have our particular talents. And each of them is equal. How about that?


Anyway, let us press on. I haven’t really said much for some time. I’ve been quite quiet, whether or not you noticed, but I think you did, or somebody did, because Katy Perry did a song about it. Is she really just flattering the middle class? Or is there something else going on? Again, I accept in ambiguioity.


Fine if we do not know. That is, too much of life is without understanding. It is too subjective. It is a prerequisite that none really can make the truth about oneself. Sure. Cannot be easy. Good luck if you want to know the exact motions, the exact truth. It can hardly be understood, if at all.


For me, it has come to mean a difference between two things: is it a pattern of god? Or a pattern of man? Were it a pattern of man, I would be quite angry about it: to conspire around one to know “who he is” or some line dependent upon any and everyone else’s ability to take care and turn the other way. Were that the case, I would be quite angry. But even without, doesn’t make you happy.


We live in the 21st century. What does that mean to you? To me, it means that we’ve been living throught the last vestiges of the 20th century. We have not made a single advancement since. We are still on our way to destruction. No joke! We will die horrible deaths from the hands of man and nature, if we continue on the path we’ve made so far.


I’m gonna lay this out as simply as I possibly can: We are on the cusp of global destruction. Resource wars. Plutocratic warlords. Thousands of people searching.


I’ve been working my ass off. Seriously, trying to make this world work. Making the future possible. All across the world there are people dying in the streets for their needs; all the while, I, Garret Tufte, live a blessed existence impossible to communicate. And yet, here we are!


Questions coming upon me to know what I might do, that I could say once. Quick make a light! That’s the feeling that comes upon me. Don’t panic, it’s a world you’re meant to be. It’s done and can be done, you’ve been waiting for some shit. I’ll give ya what I got, every little bit I can create, made for all, not for me. Not for a little comfort. I will take less.


Anyway, here we try to get to the meat of the filler. Too much I’ve had to cut my tongue, stop the words and life I believe and know, most for the betterment and acceptance of all proclivities. I want to say ‘Yes! You do that thing!’. For all, everyone who does a damn thing besides that which does not provide monetary recompense. For you, I do what I do. Because I can identify.


To be denied that which you truly feel… It’s difficult. But we don’t need to live that way! It’s something dependent upon the systems we’ve created so far, unnecessary in the future. You want to learn? It should be free.


I’ll leave this out here for whoever might be reading. That’s one of the things that gets to me when it comes to social media, that we don’t know exactly who is reading what, that we don’t know who knows what, that we are unsure of these things that have such great portent. Who’s reading what? I don’t know. Do you? You could investigate it further, those apps that allow you to see who’s reading your work. Is that worth it? Who are you speaking to, ultimately? How many people? Do you see their faces? Personally, I’d just as soon make a speech to the six people eating lunch than to leave my words to the vacuum.


That being said, there’s about a thousand things (Yes, “one thousand things”) that we need to focus on to create the world that is best for our future. What am I speaking as? I hope somebody is listening… say so!


I might be coming from Mars for most of you folks, but I can tell you that I’ve damned been there, that it’s the real deal, that the things I’m saying are true possibilities, drawn from not fictions but from the present and the future realities it represents.


And with that, should I say the thing that you’ve been waiting for? Should I say the thing that is different? Should I say the words that will alter your perception? That will change your world?


I would love to smoke some pot right now, but it doesn’t lead to useful writing right now. Then again, I think I’m going to. It’s wednesday night, tomorrow thursday, and final friday; these days to which I make to be inclusive. To make them to be giving. To release myself upon others for the betterment of myself and them. Questions? PLEASE ASK ME. I WILL ANSWER.


Life has been made too much for some woman or man to do their greatest work, in the hope and want for someone to see it done. Too many people have fallen to this irrequisite, drawn for their utility but dusted at the moment of disparition. Makes me wonder of those creative sorts, often musicians, who hop on the bandwagon of record companies who hope to take an image for their betterment, for their pure profit margin.


Anyway, we have other things to deal with. Namely the death of the planet, and everything that gives us nourishment. They’re going away quite quickly. The rains are not coming back. I wish I could say they were, but no. No easy answers we have here. They’re actually pretty difficult! Can you believe that? The answers are difficult?


Actually, hey, here’s an answer that isn’t actually that difficult. In fact, all it requires all of “In-action”. Who would have believed the slackers of the early 90’s had the right idea? I want to say, “In your face you scumt, you deniers of the rightful thoughts and words of Americans, you anti-first amendment, secretive, slothful, stupid sorts. You ignoramouses, at best place-holders.” Is this the internet, is this the world? Who am I speaking to!?!?!?!?


Listening to Rage. It’s the real deal. You know I’ve been waiting for this moment to write and drop my mic, it’s just waiting for your sight. Give me a rightly spokeplace, another simbox, another mid-height, split to the fight. I’ll give another spike!


Want to know what’s really been on my mind lately? Maybe you’ve seen or noticed that I might be a man with a note on his head. Perhaps someone, perhaps a hat would have been appropriate, or it might have been you to know me and likewise. Some place we didn’t know before. Who was more surprised? You or me? Matters worth? Does it?


Regardless, we have ourselves bigger issues besides meeting once, long while ago. Hi! Again…


Garret Tufte here. This guy. I’m gonna blow some more, I’ve done work on par with the best, I been living in the heart, yes the heart, of America. Who do you think I am? I’ll tell you, the best you ever seen. No joke. You want what? Maybe a bit of piano and craziness? I got you. A little writing or artistic rendering? I gotcha on reading and writing and betting and playing. It’s another side to that. How about speeches or public readings? Let us get on with it…


Oh that’s better. Seems to come on one or twos or threes, I’ll hop on your frond. Done be the done. Done be the done.


You wannna know what I’ve been really thinking about lately? How about them Monsanto folks? What are they doing? I’ll lay ya more here…


Seen them a few? Never met a one… About to ask though, you see, there’s this thing that I was wondering about the company and what they might be interested in. That they might… well, what’s your purpose? Plans? Do we need a question specific and your easy dismissal? Fine, you dismiss that easily. How bout this: do you engage in genetic modification of plants? Yes, okay, good. Have you been experimenting with reproduction, that is how to deny seeds? What I mean is, are your plants intended to be “one-and-dones”? My next question… my next question would be what do you know? How about you just answer me that…”


“Good to have you folks in attendance. All of my best to you sirs and madams. Might we welcome you to the festivities tonight? We have some quite reticent folks at this table, and some more interested parties over here at this one. It will be surely interesting to see a fair exchange here. You think it’s not fair? How could it not be… ? Questions again…


Answers are what we’re looking for here!,” he bellowed. Who? Seen by only those perceptively aware, known to be that other side. He was! (You could say) Questions? None? To dance be.


Right now I have the chance to do as I wish. I might write and say the things I wish to. Quite grand our communication? I can get an education through the internet. Done. Do you want to as well? Do you want to join the illustrious “those who ought to be allowed”? How many is that? Not enough… who does not want to join in with doing as you wish? Show of hands, please, for those who don’t agree… see what I did there?


And yet we have the most pertinent object of this talk, essay, sayings’s, bullshit, bullpucky, whore’s dung, anti-definition. Was it all just a ploy to get your attention? Shall we ever know… but there’s a point here. And I would not be saying if not otherwise.


We have this company here, of which I’ve been thinking about often enough, and I wonder, through tribulations, I wonder: if they created the best reproducing, best insect-resistent strain of corn (and rice and beans and wheat and oats). Right now, RIGHT NOW, this company has a choice. They could either direct their energies toward creating an incredibly useful and quickly reproducing and hardy specimen of plant, that might release seeds to create more of itself the next season or cycle, making and distributing the best available and abundant food, about for all to plant in their very front yards. They might encourage to plant the plant that gives nutrients and energy all year round. They might have this laying around. What? You’ve been making strains of grain plants that do not reproduce and are built to simply withstand your insecticides and herbicides? What for? I’ll tell you where you can stick that…


The answer is here. What you can do is what you’ve been doing for some time. You’ve been creating different plant strains to see if they are okay for consumption, and if they pass a number of litmus tests to know they’re safe and plentiful, right? And when you’ve found the best strain, you’ll switch the gene to reproduction and “accidentally” provide farmers the world over with the best food that modern science could possibly produce. And then you’ll say, “Yes, we wanted to make the best food, and know it was not spread about during testing. We’ve found the best strain and we would like to bestow it upon the world, you see, it’s like we could not tell you that we were working in your best interest. This confession we hope you’d accept with our donation of the fruits of our labor in the best interests of mankind. We say good riddance to the weak and the worst parts of man. We say goodnight to the past. We say goodnight to those dark days.”


The honest truth is that the company Monsanto does genetic modification and creation of strains of grain plants. They do a damn good job of what they’ve been engaged to do. I eat their food on a regular basis. But what is their food? A strain of corn that does not get killed by RoundUp weedkiller, a strain that does not get killed by insecticides (which of course, could not have anything to do with the death of beehives), a strain that creates the most food it can of the smallest of energies. That’s pretty much what they do. It allows them to lay waste to everything but their own creation. Well gosh… that couldn’t cause any problems, could it? Besides, they make the most food you can get. Their seeds are the best, but temporary, because they don’t yet know which ones to reproduce in the biggest quantities. Which is quite noble, in fact. Of course this has been their plan all along, right?


That’s the crux of their choice. Right now, it does not come down to legislators making the laws; it does not come down to big-wig bankers above them- it comes down to the people in charge of the company. They have paradise in their hands. Imagine it:


The most beautiful spring of all mankind. People know these seeds to be the best and most nutritious, hardy species of plant life possible. They plant it everywhere. Humanity decides to “let it grow wild”. We say nuts to the lawnmower and the trimmer. We effect a more equitable climate through “inaction”. We don’t even have to do anything! We just relax. We can relax now. This one thing, we “stop fighting nature”. We can provide for ourselves. We do not need to stop using fossil fuels all at once, or wasting our resources endlessly, needlessly, for a future our mainstream media, politics, and economic system does not believe in. For a future they deny.


Right now, there’s a company that could solve the first of our world’s problems: hunger. After that? Food is the first point from which the scale tilts. If we must utilize our energies to create food to feed people, then good. If we utilize our energies to make sure people do NOT get fed, then bad. Simple, right? There’s more to it… If you were, say, a multinational corporation that had connections in every part of the world, and could deliver on types of food, that could and has (for a price in the past, a price that has since become net worth) dealed to feed people. Is that not your job? Or perhaps you were inticed by the bright lights and shiny colors? Right now, at this moment, you, the company of Monsanto, have the ability, capability, to end world hunger. And more. You could help to stimmy the energy crisis by utilizing reproducable plants that require less irrigation and tilling of the soil. Requiring less tractors using precious resources. The plants even (believe it or not) WANT to reproduce. Deny and deny and deny and deny… who are these people? Maybe they haven’t realized this, and believe themselves to be at the whim of a system they have no control over, that once again, the myth of powerlessness pervades.


Nonetheless, if we were to embark upon this end, and it would be a glorious day/year, when we decided collectively that we were not going to stand aside and watch our future paradise die on the wings of a wild goose.


That’s something uncertain, but I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that this company has the ability, right now, to create paradise. Who’s in charge over there, Lex Luther? Seriously. I cannot have been the first to say as much…


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  1. Thanks for the inshigt. It brings light into the dark!

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