"Taking himself seriously, so you don't have to."

Emperors’ Invisible Gates

Systemic problems require change to systems. If our so-called “leaders” cannot or will not alter them from the top-down, they must be replaced. We are on the cusp of two possible futures, with a thousand gradients between heaven or hell, here on earth.

On the precipice of a great fall or a slight climb,

primed by enshrined obsolete capitalistic desires,

instinctual violent tendencies,

driving toward disaccord;

opposed by communal love, communication, and mutual exchange,

encaged by emperors’ invisible gates,

derided by court jesting philistines as idealistic naivete,

encouraging knee-jerk reactionaries,

dividing pens into sub-camps,

showering gladitorial combatants Roman denarius for excessive violence,

riling screaming spectating crowds,

momentarily happy lying behind walls of safe-and-sound.

With every round, the crowd thins.

And finally, no one wins.

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