"Taking himself seriously, so you don't have to."

Brought to You by “Definitex” Lingerie

“This is the place to be.”


Glad you like it,

that makes two.

Between me and you,

the lay will never complain,

a good smooth tour,

on track with a little play.

Say it and don’t be shy,

another night you can’t deny.


Check a nomadic intention.

There it be, opened.

More truth speeding loose,

expressed and exposed.

More and in store,


laid out, and spread legal.


How about another, a bit more show?

Okay, I’ll be the observing sort,

a cricket’s critic, to quote a mimic,

and watch you the wetter, the better,

half-dozen one, the other sex,

dressed in lingerie,

brand Definitex.

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